Modern Warfare 2 Video: Nuke in 30 Seconds Without Glitching!!

By Jamie Pert - Apr 20, 2010

Now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been out for over 5-months it seems as if players are beginning to master the game, however there is always one player that takes it to another level, this has been proven in the video embedded at the end of this post.

The video shows someone called “Whiteboy7thst” playing the PlayStation 3 version of MW2, the map he is playing on is Wasteland and he is playing Domination, within 33.3 seconds of his first kill he manages to hit a killstreak of 25-0 unlocking his tactical nuke.

He started this impressive killstreak with his “Nubetube” class, early-on he fires two nubes and pretty much instantly unlocks harrier strike, he then changes kit again and fires another two nubes which subsequently give him his chopper gunner, soon after this he unlocks his tactical nuke, approximately 80 seconds after the match started it ends, leaving Whiteboy7thst with 51 kills, 1 assist and 1 death.

Despite many seeing nubes as an easy way to play MW2 you can’t take anything away from Whiteboy7thst, for more details check out the link below. If you are unimpressed post a better MW2 video link in the comments section below.

Source: MW2Blog

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  • Seven Fears Me

    Dude. It looks legit enough, and they couldn’t possibly be using tacticals, because he would have blown them up. I have done similar spawn killings before, especially on crash, where I got a stuck multi with a Semtex, for five kills, but it didn’t lead to a nuke. It IS possible, but VERY hard.
    P.S. GUN1T123 SUCKS!!!!! Way to ruin machinima for everyone else you douche!!!


    this is why this game sucks. horrible map layouts. way to ruin a great game IW suck balls.

  • pahs

    lol i know i have no life i got 335 kills on dominaton on estate shot a rpg into the house got 9 kills the called in airdrop got 4 ac 130s lol go carepackaging

  • Captain Nerdy

    Wow. So this guy got a nuke in 30 seconds. Who cares?

  • donkey dick

    well i fire my nube into my mrs tube in 1.9 seconds and ive got video evidence so beat that

  • xizel

    A simple case of spawnkill!!!

  • allan

    I did it in a legit dom at rundown starting on charlie side killed the hole team with one grenade waited about ten seconds shot the seventh called harriers over a got a triple kill shot my second grenade on bravo killed two called in chopper and got them stuck in respawn behind alpha getting 33 kills total then came out of chopper and called nuke with a score of 27-17. No video proof but my friends can back me up on it they were on my team and only had 4 kills amongst the 5 of them the other team had one kill, and there was no tactical boosting invovled

    [RCST] Allan3470

    • BraD

      Well can you get these friends who can back you up to take an oath on the bible and then ring me and tell me if it's true?

      Actually…I don't care, nobody does, who are you trying to impress?

      • Allan

        No one just sayin its possible. I don't have to impress S*** talkers anyway. It's all just luck and for fun. don't get all butt hurt cause you can't even get nukes let alone in under a minute.

    • kilroywashere

      no one cares anyone who brags about being good a cod is a fail at life

  • hosiah210_34

    hahahahahhaahah ya i like the grenade launcher kills. convenient how there were seven people right where he aimed first, more when he shot again, and again and again then aimed his planes and shit in the same general area. hmmm….. perhaps he had his friends tactical inserting there again and again allowing him to aim at the same fucking place again and again anyone to believe this is clearly blind and retarded. Congratulations on not having a life.

  • Those first tube kills look awfully fishy.