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Modern Warfare 2 Video: Nuke in 30 Seconds Without Glitching!!

Now that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been out for over 5-months it seems as if players are beginning to master the game, however there is always one player that takes it to another level, this has been proven in the video embedded at the end of this post.

The video shows someone called “Whiteboy7thst” playing the PlayStation 3 version of MW2, the map he is playing on is Wasteland and he is playing Domination, within 33.3 seconds of his first kill he manages to hit a killstreak of 25-0 unlocking his tactical nuke.

He started this impressive killstreak with his “Nubetube” class, early-on he fires two nubes and pretty much instantly unlocks harrier strike, he then changes kit again and fires another two nubes which subsequently give him his chopper gunner, soon after this he unlocks his tactical nuke, approximately 80 seconds after the match started it ends, leaving Whiteboy7thst with 51 kills, 1 assist and 1 death.

Despite many seeing nubes as an easy way to play MW2 you can’t take anything away from Whiteboy7thst, for more details check out the link below. If you are unimpressed post a better MW2 video link in the comments section below.

Source: MW2Blog



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