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Mass Effect 2 DLC: Liara T’Soni Content Coming – Rumor

Recently Tehpwnage extracted sound files from the PC version of Mass Effect 2, these sound files apparently include unused dialog from Liara T’Soni, this has begun rumors of some future Liara-related Mass Effect 2 DLC.

From what we can see these sound files could well point towards a new quest, this could see Shepard’s former companion T’Soni take-on the Shadown Broker, previously T’Soni has regretfully turned down opportunities to avenge the Shadow Broker, perhaps the fierce rivalry will be put to an end in the rumoured DLC.

If you check out JoyStiq’s article you can see a video of the uncovered audio files, we must warn you that the audio could perhaps spoil the rumored DLC therefore it is up to you whether you want to check out this link.

Due to the nature of the sound clips we will not post what is said in the sound clips here, however I must say after listening to them they do seem to strongly hint at new content, whether this is upcoming DLC or perhaps partially removed content is currently unclear.

Do you think that there may be Liara T’Soni DLC coming?

Source: JoyStiq



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