Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360, PS3): Your Wish List of Characters

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2010

Now that the lid has been fully lifted on Marvel Vs Capcom 3, we thought we would get some feedback on Capcom’s highly anticipated beat-em-up. What characters would you like to see?

Firstly, if you have not seen the debut trailer for the game, you can do so here. We also gave you some initial game details in another report here.

We already know that the game will feature 1080p visuals, and will include elements from Street Fighter IV, just check out how Wolverine looks in the trailer for examples of this.

Capcom has promised that the roster will ‘blow us away’, which probably means that the lineup will be the biggest yet for a MvC game. We already know that Spiderman, Wolverine, Storm , Magneto, Chris Redfield, Hulk and Iron Man have been confirmed, but who else would you like to see in the game?

Im going to throw one of my personal favourites in DEADPOOL out there, while i’d also like Blade to make some sort of appearance. Do you agree with my choices or not?

List your wish list of characters that you hope to see in the game.

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  • slayer330

    kitty pryde(shadowcat),venom,carnage,leon kennedy,HUNK,silver surfer,fantastic 4,nemisis,tyrant,

  • Simon

    Pac-man, Juri, Ruby Heart, Black Cat, Jubilee, Ghost Rider, Venom, Daredevil and Blade 😀

  • aarr

    grim reaper and jin and cyclops and m bison and dr vudu and blanka

  • Kali-swiss

    looks like the same o characters

  • Rooh

    gostaria de ver a vampira, a psilocke, gambit, jean grey, profesor xavier

  • Xavier

    professor x, night crawler, daredevil, juggernaut , kraven the hunter are all really good marvel charcaters and for capcom strider hiryru phoenix wright would be fun and cool so make it happen NOW!!!!!!! mega man x leon from resident evil

  • kenny344


  • kenny

    she hulk

  • Drake

    I would like to see in MvC3 Proto-Man, Carnage, Bass, Venom, Akuma & if possible Metalman. (No offense to the megaman lover and all but let's face it Rock has already been in 2 games already. It's time for some other Mega-Man characters to take the spotlight.)

  • Max


  • Alonzo

    uhh Beast,carnage,more Darkstalkers,KEN MASTERS.Sagat,BLANKA(or Charlie with a special where he turns into him)Daredevil,Craven,Nemisis,Baby commando,Punisher,Pyro,Nightcrawler,Ghostrider,Green goblin,Guy,Thanos,Dr.Strange,Dark Ryu,Blade,Mr.sinister,Barry(Resident Evil 1)Moon Knight,Wonderman,The manderin,Loki,Johnny Ohm

  • WolfBlade

    “C.Viper” Slot should have gone to “Ken Masters” this game Sucks.

  • bromantic

    batman, pikachu, sephiroth, red 13, tony the tiger, zordon, mario, kenny powers, and barack obama

  • victor

    hayato all the way

  • Albert

    Wican Wican Wican Magnetos Grandson Scarlet Witch's son!!!

  • gnoob

    eww roll

  • Bakusama

    would like to see like a Megaman Maverick Boss like…well Sigma would be intereting…
    or Chill Penguin something like that.

  • ducuss

    Carnage… just carnage, and it will be guaranteed I buy this game.

  • Rick

    Yeah They are talking about only 27 charactersa in the game???????? That sucks seeing as though mvc 2 had 54. WTF???? Hopefully they will exttend on it. I have seen MANY suggestions on here to make good characters.

  • Red lewis

    so far i am very displeased with about half of thecurrent line up of new characters… i wish they would add
    john taliban (darkstalkers) any darkstalkers would be an improvement, nightcrawler, beast, zero, protoman, bass, dr. wiley, carnage, apocalypse, and nero

  • s.hydratio

    capcom:zero(mmx),bass(exe),megaman(can we buff him please),omega(boss and final unlockable)sigma,aeolus(zxa),roll(tvc),gill(sf:lll),necro,remy,c.viper(sf:lV),jade,

    Marvel:Psylocke,beast,gambit,daredevil,quicksilver,(i have more but can't call them atm.)

    (about megaman-x, storm, or magneto I don't want them in for fear of an inevitable nerf, these are folk who's nerfing means being an entirely different character)

  • stahn.lei

    where's STRIDER HIRYU?

  • DonnieLove

    hmmm… dormamu's in it why not Dr. Strange? Mr. Sinister, Anti-Venom, Ice man, Silver Surfer, Skarr (hulk's son), Zero, Alex, Gouken, Guile+Shadow(charlie), Violent Ken, Juggernut, Omega Red, Bishop, Sand man…. geez there's so much to think of. Just give us a mind blowing amount like mvc2. Better yet, give us at least 10 more character selections then mvc2. lol.

  • i would just like to see akuma ken and cammy especially cammy

  • Danny

    Rogue and Gambit

  • gabe

    Wesker is all I need and hey look hes 100% confirmed!!!

  • James Windle

    I would like to see the likes of Akuma, Abel, Zangief, Ken and Sagat from Capcom, and all of the Fantastic Four from Marvel.

    As long as Akuma's still going to be confirmed one day, I'll be happy. Otherwise, I'd still like to buy the game!

  • LoStranger

    I'm surprised Blade hasn't been added to a Marvel vs Capcom game yet wtf did Trish get a spot (a side chatarcter from DMC) and not Blade a character with his own comic and movies

  • Storm in MVC3

    Storm!!! Shes Amazin plz put her in this game

  • Josh Banez

    evil ryu, shin akmua and master gouken

  • cookiemonster

    Dr.strange so he can kill dormammu

  • Storm in MVC3

    Storm (x-men) plz she is just amazing plz put her in this game she is a very powerfull character

  • KnightInShiningArmor


  • Hammo4168

    I would love to see (though i highly doubt) nightcrawler, Bishop, Ken Masters, Akuma, Rogue, Gambit, Strider, Black Panther, Nero (Devil May Cry 4), daredevil, Zero, Carnage has never been put in a VS game before, Beast, Angel, and Blade.

  • Max

    Silver Surfer…nuff said

  • S. hydratio

    capcom: Zero(megaman x),Layer(probably unrealistic), Harpuia,(probably unrealistic), omega zero(boss or solo only), yang+yun(possibly teamed), gill(solo only), sigma(megaman x 1,2,5, or 8), axl(FUCK YOU CABLE), dynamo, blanka, roll(TvC moves),bass,tengu man, (sorry i mostly know megaman and street fighter)
    now for marvel: ghost rider, night crawler, venom, carnage, dr. doom, quicksilver, avalanche,(that's all i got).

  • Bonethugsnharmony

    So Far Ive been dissapointed in the new characters in MVC3 i dont care bout the graphics specificly for the MVC series cuz it looks good how it is all comic like or cartoon like! Also the voices for this game are lame i like the voices on the MVC2! Iron Man n Cpt. America sound different!

  • Bonethugsnharmony

    Seriosly who cares bout Frank West and Super Skrull they shouldnt be on the roster. Also why couldnt they just keep the Raw karacters frum MVC2 and add to it. All they have to do is make the graphics better and dont change any moves for the Raw MVC2 Karacters. Why choose lame karacters when they could of include Carnage( Especialy him cuz he never appears that much in games suprisenly in Ultimate Alliance 2- they know whats up for addin him on the game!), Zero, Megaman X, NiteCrawler etc.
    Enough Said!

  • Bonethugsnharmony

    Complete MVC 3 Roster

    Warmachine (just change up his moves a little)
    Jean Grey
    Iceman (YEAH! XD)
    Dr. Doom
    Mr. Fantastic
    The Thing
    Human Torch
    Invisible Woman (Jessica Alba version)
    Professor X (but only if he kicks a$$)
    Captain America

    Fei-long (Liu Kang XD)
    M. Bison
    Megaman X (NT Warrior outfit included)
    Protoman (NT Warrior)
    Strider Hiryu
    Jill Valentine (Battle Suit version RE5)
    Chris Redfield
    Albert Wesker
    Captain Commando

  • Gambit is a MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeando

    Havoc, megaman from mvc1, cable,carnage, Nero, Bass, night crawler, beast, Ken, akuma, Doctor octopus, spawn,

  • John

    Vulcan, Sentry, Gladiator

  • Lex Love

    Cyclops, Ken, Blade and Sinister

  • mark

    personally i wouldnt mind a different type of spiderman, like sybonite spiderman or spiderman 2099, carnage, female venom, ghost rider, tyrant from resident evil, vulture, and daredevil

  • some guy

    MARVEL: Mystique, Carnage, Dr. Octopus, Electro, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Blade, The Punisher, Abomination, Daredevil, Nightcrawler. CAPCOM: Zero, Proto Man, Cut Man, Sigma, Nemisis (Resident Evil), Vega (Street Fighter), Nero (Devil May Cry), Daigo Kazama (Rival Schools), Raizo Imawano (Rival Schools), Viewtiful Joe.

  • Ok guys….how about Ghostrider???

  • Proto-Ken

    I would love to see Blade in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, that would be the perfect balance for Deadpool and Dante

  • Red-Hulk & She-Hulk or Lyra would be awesome (World War Hulks) or even General "Thunderbolt" Thaddeus Ross (Marvel). Also wouldn't mind seeing Samanosuke or Jacques Blanc from Onimusha 3

  • Scott Thomas Redmond

    i want to see kraven, archangel, blade the young avengers, dr strange and maybe batman who has appeared in a few issues of marvel comics and once even killed captain america

    • I would actually like to see Kraven the Hunter in there too… Also, I THINK, not 100% sure on it, but I want to say I saw Dr.Strange was leaked as being in the game

  • Dre

    Thor, Carnage and Cody (SSF4) are a must! War Machine (MVC2), Thanos, Silver Sulfer, Mystique from X-men (Brotherhood) if she could change into other characters, Archangel (X-men), Gambit, Seth and Phoenix.

  • Captain Commando, Dr. Doom, War Machine, Cyclops, Gambit, Jill Valentine, and Leon S. Kennedy

  • Jerry Rogers

    O.K. seriously Cammy, Elektra, and Storm are the only characters I care about who ever else is on the game, I really don't care but I being a huge Heroin fan I plead for you to have these characters. Oh but to save a lot of disappointment why not have a option to replace characters online by purchasing one and removing another? Just an idea…but who am I right.

  • Xion DarkRose

    Is Snake (Metal gear) Capcom? if so I want snake.
    Leon S. Kennedy (Re4)
    Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)
    Sonic the hedgehog? Rofl

  • The Truth

    CATWOMAN AND WONDERWOMAN ARE MANDATORY!!! Otherwise, I will probably not buy the game! If you people want to sell, you should put fascinating/popular characters like Thor, Elektra, Bionic Commando, Sheva Alomar, Excella Gionne, or The Punisher.

    • Jerry Rogers

      Dude really………. Catwoman and Wounderwoman are D.C. I'm not trying to be rude but if you don't that then why even be on here? It makes us true fans look bad.

  • Lord M

    Havok….Havok……Havok how about they put all 3 summers brothers in the game yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhh.

  • Lord M

    stryfe has to be in this one it will be his 1st intro ever.

  • Lord M

    hey everyone i would love it if they put the x-man Bishop in MvC3 i am a long time fan of sony,marvel and capcom and Bishop is only in two marvel games. it would be nice to see a black x-man thats not storm from time to time. also everyone knows there are 4ports on the PS3 is there going too be a way everyone can get in on the fight? i thank there should be a way 1,2,or 3 players can play in story mode on the same team. the on screen player can tag u in but we all have our own supers and can help with supers/asist when we want .also there should be a way gamers can play two on two,me and my boy vs u and yours so if 4people come to your house everyone can play at the same time not this online crap. every1 don,t have a computer but we do have 4 guys that we want to team up with and fight. if MvC3 can do this it will be the best fighting game ever. thank you

  • Nikehead84

    Zero, the dark avengers, Axl, carnage, green goblin, as well as new customes for spider-man like symbiote, Alex Ross and metal.

  • eric


  • mvc3

    shuma gorath……enough said…

  • jdesire

    Daredevil, hawkeye, Thor, beast, nightcrawler, vision, nero, sagat, dimitry, gladiator, archangel, havok (cyclops brother) and sunspot from excalibur in marvel

  • Riri

    if they're gonna have chris they gotta put wesker in there, after all he's way more awesome, and was I the only one who saw the irony of Chris fighting Hulk in the trailer…lol

  • Alfa


  • kurt

    Beast, Blade, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey,


  • Alfonso

    Elektra, the wink, sinister, apocalypse, dark phoenix, emma frost, karin kanzuki, rose, lady deathstrike, lilith (as her own character), jubilee, Professor X, juri

  • Ryu X

    mega man x (posible armors-blade, ultimate, shadow, force, armor from the 1rst game), sigma( x1 or 5), Vergil, Albert W.( RE 5), Vulcan Summers

  • at least mega man X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hollywood shogun

    O n put silver surfer n galactis. I been reading this 30 character bulshit. After 10 years there gonna take away most of the substance of the game. How r u gonna have 3 on 3 with only 30 characters. That's some bullshit. I loved the variety MvsC 2 had to offer

  • hollywood shogun

    Venom carnage punisher the like red riding hood girl form MvsC 2 ghost rider dare devil the guy from metal gear solid n a scarlet spiderman alternate costume. Matter fact make everY character have 2 or 3 alternate costumes

  • J Mo

    Nighcrawler…he is a must

  • ant

    marvel: carnage, night crawler, punisher
    capcom: zero, x, fei long

  • victor prieto

    it would be cool if they didn't ignore and bring out spawn for capcom and carnage for marvel along with venom and toxin. also nero from the last devil may cry game. Also the hole maximum carnage villains like doppleganger and ect..

  • Omar

    Well I gotta say I'm pretty excited to finally hear they're releasing the third installment of the MvC series… however, I am a bit worried about the characters they may chose for this game, both the ones the would leave out or the ones they will include…

    Characters they should SERIOUSLY leave out (from MvC2):

    Omega Red
    Silver Samurai

    Charlie (we already have Guile)
    Dan (he’s anything but important when you have Ryu and Ken)
    Tron Bonne

    Characters they should keep (from MvC2):

    Captain America
    Iron Man
    War Machine
    Doctor Doom

    M. Bison
    Captain Commando
    Jill Valentine

    New Characters they should REALLY think about including:

    Jean Grey
    The Punisher

    Viewtiful Joe
    Crimson Viper
    Juni and Juli

    And I’m out of ideas on the Capcom side… but seriously? Frank West? I don’t really like that idea… some people have suggested that Mephisto and Super Skrull are characters that will be included… ARE YOU SERIOUS??? With so many good characters out there they go and find the ones that people don’t give a shit about?

    • Bonethugsnharmony

      Hell yeah, amen to that… But don't forget Hayato and Strider Hiryu. I might not know much about these guys but they're raw.

  • i wish in this game stay ghost rider blade dr doom the fantastic 4 all the x-men galactus silver surfer super skrull thor carnage apocapylse thanos sentry iron patriot or green goblin hawkeye daredevil elektra bullseye luke cage ms marvel spider woman daken venom ares rulk namor dr strange for capcom nero berial all characters for megaman nemesis alice redfield leon kennedy jill valentine

  • i wish in this game put thor hawkeye all avengers (mighty dark new) all the x-men
    punisher blade ghost rider carnage galactus silver surfer apocaplyse mr sinister dr strange elektra bullseye daredevil rulk namor for capcom all characters of megaman
    nemesis claire redfield leon kennedy jill valentine nero and berial

  • shawn_michael

    Carnage, Nero, viewtiful joe, silver surfer, black panther and Dr. Strange and implement alternate costumes as unlockables. I.E. Unlock symbiote spiderman or the hulk buster armor for iron man!

  • Darrel


  • spiderman!!

  • reaper2293

    venom and jill….. bam

  • SonicHyperBlue

    Megaman x(with different armors) zero, black spidey, and spidey with ben rileys costume,carnage,bring mode changes back fo ryu, ken masters,goken,longshot, daredevil, leon kennedy,kingpin hhaha, black cat, human torch, dante would be cool,alot of the chracters in mvc2, pheonix, professer x, squall lionheart from ff8!!

    • the dude

      squall lionheart?

      It's called MARVEL vs CAPCOM idiot!

  • Poison Virus

    I wish to see Akuma, Leon s. Kennedy, Zero, Megaman X, Carnage, Ken, and Nero

  • V-E

    B B Hood + Tron if they’re not on the list i wont be a fan

  • Spidey

    I Would like captain america,war machine,dead pool,cyclops,colossus,daredevil,human torch,ghost rider,thing,blade,venom,carnage,thor and the punisher….:)

  • Gerard

    Definitely Deadpool and Thor

  • for MvC3 I want to see:
    Human torch, War Machine, Protoman, Ada

  • Jarvis

    i would like to see ROLL. i loved roll i think given the chance to she could become a pretty decent character if given the chance. i think give her some new fighting and special abilities she'll kick but. i think that it would be awesome if her gun bird formed a spacecraft like ship and would do damage according to hit combo after sucking them up EX. 7 hit combo + spacecraft attack= 14 attack damage the health gauge. and her fighting moves need better reaction time. i like the mugen Roll as well. i think some of Roll's new moves if picked should come from Roll mugen you haven't seen her play till you've played her on mugen go to youtube and watch her play . i like her ability to time stop you should check that out that's one that has to be brought into her new abilities.

  • iamjosh12345

    Leon Kennedy is the only RE character I need. Forget about Chris and go for Leon.

    • Jarvis

      who is leon kennedy . i like ROLL because given the time and effort she kicks but . most people find her more useless than megaman but if you consider her double jump she has in some cases better reaction time and can deliver more damage. i always use her double jump abilities to deal damage and at same time score points dodging opponents to deal treumendous damage. so while jumping to hit i could jump over the opponent to gain time to attack with usually i use all three persons special attack. Roll so has to comeback she rocks.

    • Riri

      what about Wesker, leon and Wesker would be totally badass

  • Deadpool is great in Marvel Ultimate Alliance..check him out!

  • KagePakkun

    Beast (Cat version!), Ibuki,Guy,(SFIV) Dante, Virgil, Lady (DMC3), Ammy, Oki (Okami) Gene,(Godhand), Viewtiful Joe, Sexy Silvia, Hulk Davidson( Viewtiful Joe) and this Deadpool I keep hearing about.

  • l vee's


  • Stanley King

    I'm hoping for Nightcrawler (X-Men) ; Vision (Avengers); Hawkeye (Avengers); MegaMan X, Zero, Axl; Carnage (Spider-Man); Sagat (Street Fighter 2), Vega (Street Fighter 2); Yun & Yang (Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike); Seth (Street Fighter 4); Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 5 version); Dante (Devil May Cry); Mysterio (Spider Man); and Deadpool (Marvel).

    Also, if Capcom brings Classic Mega Man back in this game, they should include Proto Man and Bass.



  • mvc king

    night crawler, beast, from xmen ghost rider, bass, and sigma from mega man and giga wings characters (any) dante from devil may cry, dear devil, dead pool, punisher, dr octopus from spider man and also birdy from street figher alpha 3 also sagat and adon and many more

  • Guest

    Venom, Carnage, Anti-Venom, Daken (wolvies son), Wesker and Sakura.

  • King

    Human Torch, The Thing, Carnage, Mr.Senister, Apycolyspe,Blade, and from capcom Guy, Master Gouken, Fei-long, Prototype Man, Nero and Dante(DVM) and all the charcters from MvC2

  • DP

    More Avengers and X-Men from Marvel. Dante, MegaMan X, Zero, Axl, Samonosuke(from Onimusha), Linn Kurosawa(AvP arcade game) and characters from Darkstalkers, Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter III

  • blade

    carnage, dante, punisher, sentry, phoenix, sagat, vega, megamanX, zero

  • Justin

    Zero, Carnage, Blanka, Beast, Ibuki, Phoenix , and Sagat…………..just to name a few

    • Carnage..another good shout!

  • kill


  • Phil Bradley

    I would like to see Blade, Ghost rider, Johnny Blaze and Dante (devil may cry). Game looks awesome cant wait.

    • Ohhh, I forgot about Dante..yeah man nice choice! There is tons of possibilities for Capcom here..

      Keep em coming 😀

    • spider

      would not hurt the venom, carnage, ken and akuma on marvel vs capcom 3