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Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360, PS3): Your Wish List of Characters

Now that the lid has been fully lifted on Marvel Vs Capcom 3, we thought we would get some feedback on Capcom’s highly anticipated beat-em-up. What characters would you like to see?

Firstly, if you have not seen the debut trailer for the game, you can do so here. We also gave you some initial game details in another report here.

We already know that the game will feature 1080p visuals, and will include elements from Street Fighter IV, just check out how Wolverine looks in the trailer for examples of this.

Capcom has promised that the roster will ‘blow us away’, which probably means that the lineup will be the biggest yet for a MvC game. We already know that Spiderman, Wolverine, Storm , Magneto, Chris Redfield, Hulk and Iron Man have been confirmed, but who else would you like to see in the game?

Im going to throw one of my personal favourites in DEADPOOL out there, while i’d also like Blade to make some sort of appearance. Do you agree with my choices or not?

List your wish list of characters that you hope to see in the game.


  • Jarvis

    i would like to see ROLL. i loved roll i think given the chance to she could become a pretty decent character if given the chance. i think give her some new fighting and special abilities she'll kick but. i think that it would be awesome if her gun bird formed a spacecraft like ship and would do damage according to hit combo after sucking them up EX. 7 hit combo + spacecraft attack= 14 attack damage the health gauge. and her fighting moves need better reaction time. i like the mugen Roll as well. i think some of Roll's new moves if picked should come from Roll mugen you haven't seen her play till you've played her on mugen go to youtube and watch her play . i like her ability to time stop you should check that out that's one that has to be brought into her new abilities.


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