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Lost iPhone 4G Prototype: Will Apple sue Gizmodo?

Beta News has posted an article that says Apple should sue Gizmodo, after an iPhone 4G prototype was claimed to be stolen. They then go on to say that the tech website was in the wrong when they took possession of the so-called new iPhone, and is something bloggers would not normally do.

Beta News reports that they would have made contact with Apple so that they could return its device that was more than likely stolen. This is classed as obtaining trade secrets and then making it public knowledge, the news website believes that Gizmodo has broken the law.

So how did this all come about? March 18 was when it all started, the prototype iPhone was left in a bar, and someone then stole that device. Beta News then says that Gizmodo obtained this handset, which they did by paying cash for it. The tech blog then went ahead and posted a full review with photos and a video. The rest as they say is history.

Gizmodo is on thin ice here; back in 2005 Apple sued a number of bloggers over trade secrets, this led to the closure of ThinkSecret. We now wonder if Apply could do the same to Gizmodo?



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