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iPhone 4G: Would you pay $5,000 for it?

It has been reported that tech site Gizmodo paid $5000 to the person who picked up Apple’s prototype of the iPhone 4G device – expected to officially release this Summer.

As reported from Apple Insider, Nick Denton, the owner of Gawker Media who owns Gizmodo said in a recent tweet that he wasn’t afraid to pay for the big story.

The tweet which has got people talking reads: ”Yes, we’re proud practitioners of checkbook journalism. Anything for the story!”

A further tweet by Denton confirms that Gizmodo paid no less than $5000 to obtain the device. This tweet reads: ”Yes, we already disclosed that we paid $5,000. And, yes, we’ll do anything for a story. Our only obligation is to our readers.”

It seems as if the big figure paid off for Gizmodo though, as their scoop on the iPhone 4G attracted around 20 million page views to the website.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you of paid $5000 to obtain the elusive prototype?



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