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iPhone 4G: Gizmodo receives a letter from Apple

It looks like the rumored prototype device of the iPhone 4G was real, as Gizmodo has received a letter from Apple, asking for the unit back. It now looks likely that Apple will regain possession of the lost/stolen device this week.

If you head over to Gizmodo, you’ll be able to see a full copy of the letter that they received from Bruce Sewell, Senior Vice President of Apple.

Bruce states that the device ‘belongs to Apple’ and asks Gizmodo ‘where to pick it up’. Brian Lam from Gizmodo replies to Apple, stating that they can have the ‘lost’ unit back, providing they collect it ‘on record’ at an undisclosed location.

It now means of course, that the device was real all along, and Apple are eager to get it back, before further information gets out.

Then again, theres still the argument that this was all a big publicity stunt. Read the letter over at Gizmodo and let us know what you think.



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