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iPhone 4G: Apple ditches Samsung in favor of A4 Chip?

Some interesting news to bring you now regarding the upcoming iPhone 4G this Summer, as it has been reported that Apple are planning to ditch Samsung in favor of using their own A4 chips for the processor.

As reported from BGR, the news has come from a anonymous industry executive, who believes that Samsung, who provided the chip for the previous iPhone models, will no longer be part of Apple’s plans for the iPhone 4G.

Instead, Apple are favoring a ‘modified’ version of their A4 chip, which BGR states has the ability for 720p video playback. It means that the iPhone could have a very similar chip to the iPad, which also makes use of the A4-chip.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a good idea or not? It must be bad news for Samsung we feel.




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