HP Slate Review: Full Operating System is its Downfall

By Jamie Pert - Apr 20, 2010

Many are regarding the HP Slate as the main competitor to Apple’s iPad when it is released, recently Connecti.ca managed to get some hands-on action with the upcoming tablet, however they seemed pretty unimpressed with the device, mainly due to the software.

When people heard that the HP Slate will run a full version of Windows 7 some believed that this was a major pro, however Connecti.ca believe that this is a downfall as performance is not at all desirable.

Apparently the Operating System load time is frustratingly long, there are some good points such as the USB ports, HDMI dock, Flash Support, software compatiblity and built-in camera, however Connecti.ca say that “the HP Slate is simply not a competitor to the iPad . End of story.”

Perhaps HP will refine the Operating System and UI before the official release, I think they need to, what do you think?

If you check out SlashGear’s article you can see a few images and more details, also be sure to check out Connecti.ca.

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