Gizmodo explain the Apple iPhone 4G story

Have you been wondering how this infamous Apple prototype device managed to slip away from Apple’s hands? We have been hearing a lot about this device over the last few days, but Gizmodo has given us a full account of what happened.

According to them, the iPhone 4G prototype device belonged to an Apple Software Engineer called Gray Powell. The 27 year old man was drinking in a bar in Redwood City, Cali – using his fancy device to post updates on his Facebook account.

For whatever reason, he left the device, disguised as a 3GS on the bar stool, and left for home. Then came the moment when a random person picked up the iPhone and started playing around with it. Before Gizmodo picked up the device from the chap, he told them that he did try and return it to Apple on the phone, but received little help.

As soon as Gizmodo obtained the phone, they contacted Powell who pretty much confirmed that the lost device was his on the phone. And that brings up to speed.

Gizmodo has since received a letter from Apple, asking for the unit to be brought back to them – read that here. Let us know your thoughts on this story.

Do you think it is true?



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