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BlackBerry Tour 9630: Verizon Launch OS

We have some good news for you BlackBerry Tour 9630 owning Verizon Wireless customers, the carrier has recently pushed out a new update for your handset, this bringS the OS version to OS

If you are in an area with decent coverage chances are your handset has already received the update, if not it should be with you pretty soon.

Full details regarding the update have not been released, however from what we can see the download is 15MB in size, we are hearing reports that the handset boot time will increase, also more memory will be being used, that said there are apparent browser improvements.

Some readers are reporting that they are having issues installing the update, if you are experiencing issues please let us know what problems you are having in the comments section below. Also if you have successfully installed the update feel free to tell us what changes you have noticed so far.

Source: CrackBerry



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