Best Foods For Sleep: Have a silent night!

We all know how hard it is to get our children to sleep; this battle can often be harder than getting them to go to bed in the first place. However, a new book by Sammy Margo explains the reasons why children cannot fall asleep easily.

The sleep expert believes that one of those problems is diet, so advises in his book the best foods for sleep. It is no secret that eating a large meal before bedtime is wrong, the reason for this is because your metabolic rate and body temperature will go up, making it much harder to go to sleep.

However, children going to bed hungry can also keep them awake, so a bedtime snack is needed, but what? The snack needs to be eaten about 30 minutes before bedtime and needs to contain tryptophan – this helps the body to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. Foods to choose include bananas, dairy products, oats and poultry – not that I would want my child eating meat before bedtime.

Make certain that you avoid giving your kids anything that is greasy or orange juice. For more details on this visit



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