Apple iPhone 4G and Gizmodo: What will happen to Gray Powell?

We are guessing that most of you have already read Gizmodo’s account of how they managed to obtain a prototype for the upcoming Apple iPhone 4G device.

If you have, then you’ll know that the whole thing was allegedly down to a 27 year old Apple Software Engineer, named as Gray Powell, who managed to leave the prototype in a bar in Redwood City, Calif.

Now that the whole thing has come out, and Apple are yet to confirm or deny the story – what will the repercussions be for Mr Powell?

Every human makes a mistake once in a while, but you have to say that this is a major blunder if it turns out to be true. Will Apple remove Powell from further duty, or will common sense prevail and no firm action will be taken?

Hopefully it will be the latter, but you never know with Apple. Let us know your opinions on the whole saga and what YOU think should happen to Gray Powell.


  • all4hero

    That mistake cost Apple millions of dollars, at least! You work for a company that needs new products to be kept secret, and you bring your prototype out on your birthday? You're fired!

  • This story shows aggain the ability of men to forget everything by drinking a lot of beer. But I guess I wouldn’t drink so much if I had an Iphone prototype with me. I think Gary just couldn’t live without beer:-).

  • Sujan paudyal

    He shld b fired in anyway !

  • Sujan poudel

    It s so gr8 dat no feedback ez needed !

  • johne locke

    This was not on purpose. The significance of the new design upgrades are not known, and it is not shown functioning.

    By leaking the design of the unit without it running there isn't the impact there would if it was released as one idea.

    Additionally, the tabloid circumstances of the lost phone, and the fate of the kid almost overshadows the unit itself.

  • I cast my vote for summary execution. He should be locked in stocks in the public square and stoned until dead.

    It's either that, or to simply acknowledge that in a world of fallible humans, it was inevitable this would happen sooner or later.

    Personally, I think we haven't had a public execution that we actually got to participate in for quite a long time…but you cast your votes for what you think will be the most entertainment for the greatest number of people, and we'll go with that! d;o)

  • whocares

    Sadly, whilst I dont neccesarily support it he's got to be fired. Government contractors working on top secret projects can afford those kind of mistakes. I imagine the same applies in private corporations. If he does get bagged im sure he'll get a pat on the back for fueling excitement and you cant always buy that.

    If I ran the world the "i was drunk" excuse would get you off most charges

  • lmnop

    Seems like it was an accident. All kinds of prototypes etc make it out of Apple. I bet they will fire him.

  • WhyDidIlooseMyJob

    If this was not an Apple "marketing maneuver" Powell will need to be fired. Let's get real here. Honest mistakes are not excuses when you are working in a private-secure project. Yes, yes, it's only a damn phone, not national security issue. In practical terms he was hired to be part of a team working on the next-generation of a leading product, one that represents the company and that is expected to lead the industry for at least a couple of years. Not to mention its expected commercial value-return. He was trusted with the device. he didn't live to the expectations. He should be gone…

  • iPhoner

    I think the whole thing was done on purpose by Apple to increase the hype for the product prior to announcing it. I mean think about how secure apple is about its products all the time. What are the chances that Apple would give a 27 year old junior software engineer an iPhone 4g to take home with him after the days work. And that it happened to lay perfectly on a bar stool with his facebook page logged in. I bet apple will surprise everyone and release an even better phone when they do announce it and they got a whole bunch of free pr from this stunt.

  • Jim

    Well, let say Mr Powell won’t be fired because he “offered” Apple one of the best PR coup in History, for free. I urge Apple to promote him to a higher position.



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