Volcanic Ash: Travelers Using Twitter and Facebook

Who would have thought that a Volcano in Iceland would be able to disrupt flights across Europe? We all hear about how travelers are stranded in all parts of the world because of volcanic ash, but let us not forget the impact that it will have on all of us if planes continue to be grounded. (See Ash cloud on Google Earth)

Back to the problem at hand, hundreds of thousands of travelers are trying to get to or from Europe – many are choosing alternative modes of transport in order to continue on their journey. This is where social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter come in.

A recent post from Online Social Media discussed the Facebook page that was set up just for travelers who have been disrupted by the volcanic eruption and the ash cloud that continues to spew out.

OSM learned from that those stranded were using Twitter and Facebook to locate hotel rooms and other forms of transport – showing us how important social media has now become.

Have you been affected by the Volcanic Ash spewing out for the Volcano in Iceland?


  • J.L. Navarrete

    Doesn't it make you wonder if the Earth is trying to get our attention?

  • I think the main reason they're looking for hotels and forms of transport on Facebook is due to the FACT that if someone can get everything they want from one location versus multiple locations, they will obviously stay in that particular location (e.g., A visit to Walmart versus a visit to the grocery story, electronics store, and clothing store).


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