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Verizon iPhone and HTC DROID Incredible Importance

If we go back to this time last year the Verizon Wireless portfolio was full of half-decent handset, but were no worry to the likes of AT&T or even T-Mobile. How much difference does a year make, now Verizon has close ties with HTC and Google and are still holding out on that golden deal with Apple.

The latest handset to be announced by Verizon is the HTC DROID Incredible, which is now ready for pre-order with shipping due on April 29. This handset is much like the Desire in Europe and has much of the same specs as the Google Nexus One. The Incredible has a host of features that will help it compete with some of the best handsets on the market, but what would you expect from the best Android smartphone so far?

As for the iPhone, Verizon still hold on to hope that they will get the best selling smartphone, this will be a deal that will benefit both. We have heard a number of rumors that Verizon will get the iPhone 4G by September, but we will just have to wait to hear the official news.

Both handsets are of great importance to Verizon, we just hope that sales do well for the DROID and that the iPhone will finally be available on the Big Red in 2010



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