Toyota Sienna: Recall does not include 2011 version

A few days ago we reported that the Toyota Sienna was now involved in a recall of 600,000 of the minivans. We have to stress that this is for earlier models only and not the 2011 version. This is just the latest in a long line of recalls from the Japanese automaker, we just wonder if they will ever be able to recover and gain respect again?

Even though the recall – due to the spare tire cable corroding – is nothing to do with the 2011 Toyota Sienna, it will do no favors with its sales. But WSJ urges you to see past this, as the model is a joy to drive. It is not just the hassle with current recall that could go against this vehicle; it is the stigma that goes with a minivan.

It is no secret that these boxes on wheels are not the coolest of vehicles, but with seven seats is practical for the large family. For anyone with a family of that size, head-turning cars have to go out of the window I am afraid. No matter what an automaker does, minivans will never be cool.

If you can think of an alternative that offers space, comfort and coolness, then please offer them to us.



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