Toyota Corolla 2010: Sets the benchmark

The most popular car in the world is the 2010 Toyota Corolla, with previous version of the car also taking that much-converted title. This small car has outstanding build quality – something that we cannot say for a number of other models from the Japanese automaker.

According to, the Corolla sets the benchmark when it comes to vehicle design and overall on-the-road performance, which they aim to explain in their extensive review. The reviewer does state that the Corolla is not perfect and like all cars – has a number of flaws.

This is the 10th-generation Corolla and comes with a choice of nine different models, the base-model being the 1.5-litre GX and the top-of-the-line being the 1.8-litre GLX sedan.

Toyota still needs to work on the transmission of the Corolla if they hope to keep on winning the title of worlds most popular car – the lack of five or even six speed automatic transmission will start to hurt sales if they are not careful.

There is a worry that all Toyota sales will begin to fall soon, a result of these recent recall issues with a number of their models – the latest being the Sienna Minivan.



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