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OS Comparison: Wepad (Linux / Android) vs. iPad (iPhone)

The WePad is different to the Apple iPad in a number of ways; the first is with its OS. The Wepad runs a custom open source version of Linux, which can also run Android apps – compared to the iPad, which runs on iPhone OS.

Steve Jobs sticks by his morals and insists that his iPhone OS is the way to go with the future of his iPad tablet, but will its limitations hold it back compared to something like the WePad?

The WepPad has a tough act to follow with the iPad in a number of ways, the specs may look better on paper but it is in the software where it can be won or lost. The iPad is limited to the number of things that it can do due to the lack of Flash Player support – it does support HTML5, but websites will take at least another year to catch up to this new technology.

The WePad does offer Flash Player support, but could be let down with its apps. These third-party applications is where it is all about with tablet devices, the WePad will use Android apps, but the iPad will have the full backing from iTunes App Store.

Users will have a tough choice to make, do they want the iPad with its access to thousands of application but has limitations with its iPhone OS software, or do you want the WePad with its smooth and fast Linux OS but lacking in the applications department?



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