Microsoft Xbox 360: Sales Improve In Japan

By Jamie Pert - Apr 19, 2010

To say that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is not popular amongst most Asian gamers would be an understatement, however we have recently heard that Xbox 360 sales in Japan have recently grown pretty impressively.

A recent article posted on PunchJump has revealed that retail data from Japan has shown that sales of Microsoft’s Xbox have increased by 17%, apparently in the week starting April 5th and ending April 11th 3,218 units were sold, the week prior to this only 2,676 were sold.

Some believe the launch of Final Fantasy XIII may have had something to with the growth, also the March release of the Xbox 360 Elite Final Fantasy XIII bundle was also a pretty popular addition.

It will be interesting to see whether this impressive growth was just a one of or not, therefore as we hear details regarding Xbox 360 sales in Japan as the year progresses we will keep you posted.

Source: PunchJump

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