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Leaked Samsung Moment Android 2.1 ROM: Some Pros and Cons

A few days ago we informed you that the Android 2.1 update for Sprint’s HTC Hero and Samsung Moment had been pushed back until May, however someone has posted a leaked version of the Android 2.1 ROM for the Moment on Sdx-Developers.

Now that a lot of users have had a chance to test out the ROM we have a list of pros and cons, which the update brings, no doubt some of the cons will be eliminated before the official release is pushed out by Sprint.

On the whole most people who have installed the leaked ROM seem happy, apparently the overall UI is improved, also the camera is said to be much better also battery life seems to be improved.

As for drawbacks there are a few bugs, most annoyingly the handset can ring when you turn it on (however this is just due to the handset preparing the memory card), also Google Maps is not as accurate as before, finally there are no live wallpapers.

There are more pros and cons, however they are listed on Sdx-Developers’ forums, which is currently a 16-page thread.

Source: TheUnLockr


  • Just obtained a Mythic for myself and are going to be obtaining 1 for my wife quickly! It has just the correct mix of characteristics. just short of the complete smartphone. I’m keeping an eye about the Captivate for any potential future phone…selling prices are way as well high when released. I’ve been in high tech for 20+ years and basically hack every little thing I personal to produce it better laptops, GPS, automobile navigation techniques, etc. and yes cell phones as well. Within the few days I’ve owned the phone I have already set up Opera Mini, Bolt 2.1, freecaddie, Google Maps w/GPS functionality, deleted all locked useless apps after backing them up and fully modified the menu system to my exact requires without having all ineffective apps.

  • mark

    Dos it have live search?

  • o2kooled3

    Actually there is live wallpaper available with the leaked rom….. currently running it on my Moment


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