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iSpecs: Apple iPhone 3-D Glasses

There have been a few reports that Apple could be about to enter the 3-D world with a device called iSpecs. These glasses will allow the wearer to view 3D movies while connected to an iPhone or iPod Touch, and maybe the new iPad as well.

iSpecs will not be the official name, this is the one that gadget fans have come up with for this smart lens device. The glasses will split the image into two frames, so just think – you could be sitting at home relaxing while watching Avatar 3D on your new iPhone 4G.

According to The Daily Mail, the iSpecs will also come with a camera allowing you to stream video content from what is going on from the outside world. If anyone is approaching, the built-in infrared sensors will detect them with an image appearing on the lenses.

The patent was mean to have been filed back in 2008, but most assumed that it was just an April Fool prank, but you never know we Apple.

Do you think that this is something that iPhone and iPod Touch users would want?



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