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iPhone 4G/HD: OS 4.0 Screenshot of iChat Video Calling

It looks as if video calling within the new iPhone 4G or HD is a strong possibility, as we have a new screenshot of the ‘iChat’ application that has been uncovered within the OS 4.0 software.

As reported from RedmondPie, tech site TechnoBuffalo has captured a screenshot of a new application called ‘Free Memory Lite’ which is designed to help free up your memory by closing processes on the iPhone that you don’t need.

If you look at the screenshot below though, you can clearly see another listing for iChatAgent, leading us to believe that video calling, using a front-faced camera on the new iphone is rather a reality, than a mere rumor.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited by the possibility of being able to have video chats with your friends on the go? We’ll bring you more details on this soon.




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