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iPhone 4G/HD: New Specs Revealed are Genuine

Some very exciting news for those of you eagerly awaiting the release of a new iPhone this Summer, as some more specs of the device have been revealed, which were detailed along with those recent new images of the device.

As reported from Apple Insider, it is looking very likely that these new images we have all seen in the past few days are ‘real’ and that the new specs that have been revealed are real too.

We told you about a few new specs over the weekend, but now we are hearing that the iPhone 4G, or iPhone ‘HD’ as it has been dubbed, with feature a higher resolution, two cameras (front and back) both with flash, and the interesting addition of a slot for a MicroSIM card.

If you combine these with previous specs such as an 8 megapixel camera, then it looks like the iPhone 4G is going to be very special when it is finally released.

Check out the full report over at Apple Insider, then give us your thoughts on these new specs.



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