iPhone 4G UK Release Date: iPad Disappointment

The recent news of the iPad being delayed by Apple in the UK by one month has led to disappointment with potential buyers of the tablet device. The reason was because the huge success of the iPad in the U.S., which has affected stock levels.

With this in mind, we now wonder if the release of the Apple iPhone 4G in the UK could also see a delay. The current iPhone 3GS was released in United Kingdom on the same day it was in the U.S. but the first generation iPhone was a different story. The iPhone was available in the U.S. for months before the U.K got a taste of what all the fuss was about.

If Apple is having stock issues with a device that sold hundreds of thousands in its first weekend, how will they handle the iPhone 4G, which will sell millions in its first few days of sale? It seems that the UK always get treated unfairly, why should the U.S. get preferential treatment over other countries?

Apple may design the iPad and the iPhone, but they are assembled in China, so why should the U.S. be the first port of call?


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  • Wolfburg

    What a waste of time.

  • Neil

    ^^ haha :o)

  • Sandra

    Hey, you got Harry Potter first…

  • applemakerofchina

    we try stuff out on the yanks as they buy anything, then when we've fixed all its problems we roll it out to the real world.

  • paul

    LOL…. Scotsman is right!!! Relax Usa!! It's ok….we got it!!! Turn your iphone/ipad and read out loud…MADE IN CHINA!!! China is located outside Us. 🙂

  • A Scotsman

    Good to see the US readers aren't getting too worked up! Calm down dear, its only an article!

  • uhm, let me think…

    Perhaps because is an American product?— just maybe?

  • Nj_boy

    U dump loser apple is a US base company. Do I have to tell u guys more then that. U guys are lucky to get one after year later. They design this here in CA, USA. So u want us to sell this in UK first. Doesn’t make sense !!!! Try some thing else from china like china-iPad!!!!

    • John Archer

      Quite right, Nj_boy. Nice to see you not taking any BS from these whingers.

      The question ought be: Why SHOULDN'T Americans get it first — it's an AMERICAN product?

      We have some real weirdos in this country with their screwed up ideas.

      I'm English by the way. Good luck, Yank.

    • PDel

      You do know that a lot of electronic companies, including Apple, use Chinese companies to manufacture their goods. If that rule was to be applied, maybe China should be the first market where the iPod/iPad/4g iPhone releases haha… it seems fair that Apple should release its products on the same day everywhere. The only reason why they don't is so there's a constant hype surrounding their products.

    • bjs

      Dump,………I think you may mean Dumb..!!

  • Rocket Scientist

    Uh, maybe because the US is a huge market and their home turf?

  • Vidhyasagar

    It is the same case in india where the iphone 3gs was launched 9 months later than that of the US release date……

    • Kevin

      Perhaps it will be released first in the US, and this is just a wild guess, because Apple is a US company the the States is their largest market.

      • Grayson

        i agree with you kevin! It is an American company, its the same reason why sony releases there products to japan months earlier than to other major international markets


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