iPhone 4G UK Release Date: iPad Disappointment

By Peter Chubb - Apr 19, 2010

The recent news of the iPad being delayed by Apple in the UK by one month has led to disappointment with potential buyers of the tablet device. The reason was because the huge success of the iPad in the U.S., which has affected stock levels.

With this in mind, we now wonder if the release of the Apple iPhone 4G in the UK could also see a delay. The current iPhone 3GS was released in United Kingdom on the same day it was in the U.S. but the first generation iPhone was a different story. The iPhone was available in the U.S. for months before the U.K got a taste of what all the fuss was about.

If Apple is having stock issues with a device that sold hundreds of thousands in its first weekend, how will they handle the iPhone 4G, which will sell millions in its first few days of sale? It seems that the UK always get treated unfairly, why should the U.S. get preferential treatment over other countries?

Apple may design the iPad and the iPhone, but they are assembled in China, so why should the U.S. be the first port of call?

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