iPhone 4G on Gizmodo: Real or Fake?

Now that we have all had a good look at Gizmodo’s review and have taken an even closer look at the collection of images of the supposed iPhone 4G, we want to know your thoughts on this. Do you think it is real or fake?

Newspaper Daily Mail has picked up on Gizmodo’s article about the iPhone 4G, asking their own readers if they think the device is legitimate or not.

All signs are pointing towards the direction that the phone is indeed real, and that Gizmodo has actually gotten hold of a prototype of the device – much to Apple’s obvious frustration.

What will now happen remains unknown, but expect further details on the device to come out this week. If you haven’t seen Gizmodo’s article, you can do so here.

Have a look at the pictures and let us know your thoughts on this.

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