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iPhone 3GS-2: Better than iPhone 4G or HD?

News on the much rumored iPhone for 2010 is certainly hotting up since the iPhone OS preview almost two-weeks ago. We are almost certain that Apple has a new smartphone, but we are unsure as to its name. The most popular is iPhone 4G / HD and Pro. However, according to ozcarguide, another name has now surfaced, and that is the iPhone 3GS-2.

It seems that it is easier finding out about the new Apple iPhone’s new updates than its name. Looking back at a previous post, we know that the 4th-generation iPhone will come with a 80GB hard drive, improved camera with flash as well as a front-facing camera.

I am not sure what to be disappointed with most, the fact that Apple could call its new smartphone the iPhone 3GS2, or that the design looks bland? The handset has nothing that shouts out “Look at me, I’m the new iPhone.” I do not know what I was expecting, but I know it was not this.



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