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iPad vs. WePad Tablet

When Apple unveiled to the world its iPad, we all thought that they were mad, but strong early sales have proved many of us wrong. Steve Jobs said that 2010 will be the year of the tablet, and the announcement from a number of PC makers offering their own incarnation of a slate device proves that Jobs knows what he is talking about.

It is no secret that all tablets released now will be compared to the Apple iPad; this is the case with WePad. The launch of this device could cause a headache for Apple and its iPad in Germany as this 11.6-inch device will allow publishers to have greater control of the content.

The iPad offers no Flash Player support, but runs on iPhone OS – so has complete access to iTunes App Store. The WePad offers full Adobe Flash Player Support and runs on the fast and smooth Linux OS and will utilize Android apps. Apple wins in the app department, but cannot help but think that the custom Linux OS will perform better than iPhone OS.

Looking at some of the main specs of both tablet devices I cannot help but think that the WePad wins out again 1,66GHz processor compared to Apple’s 1GHZ, although the iPad offers greater storage capacity. The battle between these two looks as though it will go back-and-fourth, but let us not forget that Apple is to offer an update to the iPad operating system in June, to iPhone OS 4.0. We are not certain if the WePad has what it takes to take on the might of Apple and its iPad device, only time will tell. For more details visit I4U

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  • brightFuture

    Uh oh… is that fear I smell coming from the iPad fanboys?

    The WePad is everything the iPad is not and will never be- a platform that delivers all of the web NOW instead of hiding behind half-truths like this non-existent HTML 5 ‘standard’ we keep hearing about (2022 is not soon, nor is it ‘now’- it cracks me up how people are so ready to jump into the fray when they don’t know what they are talking about- try a google search for HTML 5 compatibility list in modern browsers).

    Where an iPad is like a censored collection of television channels for the web, the WePad- and the many devices like it that are coming- will embrace the freedoms and technologies that Apple is now shunning- like the Flash player. Or USB ports. Or true multitasking. Or a built-in camera. Or heck, even just not being enslaved to iTunes for media purchases.

    Viva la WePad… and the devices like it that are coming!


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