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iPad Apps for Disabled: Development Platform

There is no denying how hard it can be to see any sort of development when it comes to disabled people, but would you believe that the Apple iPad and its range of certain apps is considered a great development platform? This is the conclusion from university professor, Gregg Vanderheiden.

He said that the touchscreen Apple tablet device has other potential uses, and he is right. I know from personal experience that a device such as the iPad can help those who have disabilities. There are so many apps available designed to help develop the mind – a better alternative to spending thousands on devices aimed at the development of disabled.

The Apple iPad is a low-cost device that can help with those who are unable to communicate with you. They know what they want to say, but have trouble expressing themselves. We have seen that this can often lead to frustration; so offering them another means to comminute will be a great help – not only the sufferer, but also those in charge of their care.

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