iPad 3G Release Date: Shipping by May 7th

By Peter Chubb - Apr 19, 2010

For those of you who have held out from getting an iPad as you wanted to wait for the 3G version, you will be pleased to learn that Apple has updated its online store. The release date for the iPad tablet will be by may 7th, but Engadget assumes that shipping could be earlier than that.

AT&T will be ready and waiting for iPad customers to activate their $30 per month data plan, we have to stress that this is just for the U.S. market. International markets should have had the iPad by the end of April, but strong sales in the U.S. have now delayed this by one month.

The news that North America will now have both versions of the iPad before the rest of the world is a kick in the teeth to loyal Apple users. However, this minor detail will do nothing to stop the huge number of sales of the iPad.

Engadget does hold on to some hope that those in the UK and other parts of the world will see the Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi / 3G versions launched at the same time.

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  • John

    I had a Pending charge to my credit card for my ipad 3g dataed 4/24/10. Anyone else seeing this charge.

  • tula

    Anyone with any info on whether AT&T will be reevaluating their monthly iPad data charge for
    those of us who pay for iPhone data charges?

    • GSY

      Yes; C/S states that they'll not be changing this $ structure. However, when ATT comes out with the Tethering plan this summer they'll make it so that you're paying $60 (their target $). So, now it's $30 for the data plan on iphone; if you opt for tethering feature they'll drop the cost to in 1/2 so you're paying $30 + $30 (vs $90). That said, it's same price for the 3G unlimited plan for iPad AND you'd have much longer batter life than what's offered on iPhone without it being plugged in. Best deal is to use the $15/mo iPad plan as a warning message will come up b4 you exhaust the 250MB limit and you can upgrade to the $30 unlimited (for extra $15) with option for a one time or to leave it monthly.

  • iMan

    yeah what these other two guys said… late april for me too

  • Barney

    Me 3 I got the same email at 11:23 CST today

  • Barney

    Me 3 I got the same email at 11:23 CST today

  • Christian

    Ditto. Here is their email

    Thank you for your recent order of the magical and revolutionary
    iPad 3G.

    We would like to confirm that your order will be shipped in late
    April as communicated at the time you placed your order. You will
    receive a confirmation notice when your order has shipped.

  • Ditto. I received the same email. Apparently those of us who pre-ordered in March will become 'early adopters' of the 3g version. '

    And that's a good thing…

  • MisInfoBuster

    Actually, this article isn’t 100% accurate. I pre-ordered my iPad 3G on the first day that the online store was open. I received an email just today (April 19) indicating that my iPad would still ship in late April.

    I assume this was done to reassure those who have already ordered their device that Apple is honoring their original time estimate.

    New orders of the iPad at the online store will “Ship by May 7th”.