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HTC DROID Incredible Review: Verizon’s Killer Device

By now most of us would have heard of the HTC Incredible, which Verizon is calling part of its DROID family. The first time we heard about the device was back in December 2009, but most of what we know has come out over the recent weeks after CTIA Wireless 2010.

These past few weeks made us when the Big Red would launch its new smartphone, and we can now say that it is ready for pre-order, with a shipping date of April 29. Engadget as always is one of the first to get their hands-on the HTC DROID Incredible and offer to us their first review.

On paper this looks to be a killer device, we just hope that it can deliver, and with some impressive hardware- we cannot see why not. The handset comes with a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 748MB of ROM, 8GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot – something that is missing from the current iPhone.

Those in Europe will recognize this handset as the Desire, and is almost the same as the Nexus One – all apart from a few minor differences. While reading the full review from Engadget, they do make a bold statement by saying that the HTC DROID Incredible is the best Android handset yet.

Once you get your hands on this latest Android handset, please share with us your views.


  • Steve’s Dad

    I recommend that Steve is a troll or retahrd apple fanboi.

  • Steve

    I recommend no one buy this phone and instead wait for the iPhone 4!

    • Steve

      Who cares what you recommend! The Droid Incredible will blow away the Crappy Iphone 4G!


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