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HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon: Pre-order Now

Do you remember when we asked you a few days back if you would pre-order your HTC Droid Incredible Verizon on April 19? Well that question is no longer valid as the pre-order page for this latest Google Android handset is now live on the Verizon website.

The shipping date will be April 29, and will set you back $199 on a two-year contract – this includes a $100 online discount. While on the pre-order page I noticed that it allows you to select up-to five handsets. You also have the choice of a 1-year contract or a month-to-month. Prices will be $269.99 and $529.99 respectively.

Best Buy were offering consumers the chance to pre-order the HTC Droid Incredible one day early, which we reported to you yesterday. Prices were the same, but you had to put down a $50 reserve, which you then get back once you receive your handset.

Let us know if you will be pre-ordering yours today?



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