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HTC Desire: Two Versions Coming to UK Carrier 3

If you live in the UK and are on the 3 network we have some good news for you, the impressive HTC Desire will soon be launching on the carrier following lots of interested from customers.

The demand is so high that 3 have decided to release a generic version of the HTC Desire early, their ‘3-branded’ handset will be arriving in a month or so, however an unbranded version is being released so that 3 don’t want to miss out on all of the hype.

3 seemed extremely happy to be offering the HTC Desire, in a recent statement they said “We’re unbelievably excited to have this phone on our network, and we’ve been working really hard alongside HTC to launch as early as we possibly can”.

3 will be offering the unbranded HTC Desire from 20th of April, the handset will be completely free when you agreea £35 a month contarct for two-years, this contract will include unlimited Internet and texts along with 750 any network minutes.

If for some reason you would prefer a 3 branded version of the handset no official release date has been announced, however a late May release is looking likely, for more details check out the link below.

Source: IntoMobile



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