EA Sports MMA vs UFC Undisputed 2010: EA trailer Unimpressive

By Jamie Pert - Apr 19, 2010

This year will be the first year (to my knowledge) that there has ever been two competing MMA video games launched, one will be UFC Undisputed 2010, and the other will be EA Sports MMA, up until now I have been looking forward to both, however a recently released gameplay video of EA Sports MMA has put me off.

The video (which can be seen at the end of this post) shows fighting between Gegard Mousasi and Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, obviously the game is an early version, however even so the action is less than impressive (in my opinion).

Punches, kicks and all other movements seem very lethargic, the graphical quality is pretty good, however I feel that the game has a completely different look and feel compared to the last trailer we posted.

Personally I don’t quite understand why EA would release such an unimpressive trailer, hopefully the final product will be a lot more impressive, it will have to be to compete against the now established UFC Undisputed games.

Source: Examiner

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  • jeffmcreefer

    I literally just downloaded the EA game and I am extremely disappointed with the button layout, the graphics, and the overall chemistry of the game. There isn't a lot of skill involved it's mostly knowing the controls. There are too many combinations and the submissions are a joke. What is this "find the zone," garbage? also using the joystick in games like NHL was a good idea, but for punching, no. It takes too long and by the time you decide what punch you want to do the timing has already passed. UFC all the way, this game has some serious flaws.

  • NBK Voodoo

    Now that both games r out, and I have them both. Ea blows ufc out of the water, just forbthe simple fact of the crappy servers on ufc. And everybody running around with their hands down, that is just stupid. Graphics r so much better on ea mma and it’s all stamina based which means u actually have to fight for subs not just do them in ufc undisputed. In conclusion hope ea sports doesn’t stop making mma.

    • lolol

      i play ufc since the punches give such an impact. It's good fun; fast paced and who caes for online? Just take abit of lag. :l

  • nubs

    UFC all the way but i think its good that there competition because makes them work harder to bring a better game out so win win for us stop fighting girls

  • smoke

    THis isn't the first time 2 MMA games have went against each other. It is the first time 2 MMA games on this level have went against each other. But back in the day there was quite a good "Pride Fighting" game that went against the UFC game. I have both games still to this day. Neither are close to as good as the latest games but for their time they were really fun. It was, or should have been a bigger deal because Pride was a real thread to the UFC, and actually had the much better overall talent in those days than the UFC did. Now, with Strikeforce, etc.., those fighters are all less known than the current UFC fighters, and most of these guys would like to fight in the UFC. Still, there is a really great roster of fighters that you can't get for the UFC game, and the legends it has makes it worth the purchase for me. Bas Rutten alone makes it worth it for me, and Randy Couture.

  • tom

    ea mma is rly good and the fact that the ufc fanboys go on ths websights is just retarded there rly is nothing drasticly different from ufc besides the random KOs that happen which makes the game vert annoying and have u guys tryed not playing on easy ???


    I downloaded the free demo on PS3. the Botton layout sux. the flow of the game sux. you throw a punch and 10 freaking seconds later it connects or doesn't. i play UFC all the time and in 10 seconds depending upon my stamina i can throw 4 punches. THIS GAME IS SO LAME. EA stick to every other sport. Obviously MMA is not your forte. unless you steal some game designers away from Yukees UFC game. one word: FAIL!!!!! EPIC FAIL!!!!!

  • thomas

    just dowload the flaking demo and play it and see for urself.. the EA game sucks so bad its not eaven funny.. its not skill based at ALL ! its like who can be the lamest with best patience wins, EVERY TIME ! so yeah, ufc all the way…

  • lewisJ 96

    well i think that UFC is going to be better this year because ufc has better fighter signed up to the game :), when EA gets more people singed i think that EA will have the better game bye far.

  • bamavince

    I purchase UFC 2010, It's great with the exceptions of Xbox live.

    The online connection for UFC 2010 sucks, I can never connect to the servers and when I do connect it's laggy.

    If you don't play on line UFC 2010 is a great by.

    But if you do play online stay away.

    I spoke with THQ last week and told the Manger on call that if EA on line is better than UFC 2010, your in trouble and he agreed. He told me they use a peer to peer connection for the on line play.

    Bottom line, This game should have cost 25.00 because of the on line issues..

    bamavince is my tag I DARE you to challage me at GTA 4, Fight Night 4 or UFC 2010.

    • ben tilley

      i except what is your xboxlive gamer tag mine is favoritepuma be ready

    • Tyler

      Hahahahahaha, what a fucking douche bag. Get the fuck out of here kid.. You talked to the "manager" of THQ? Really? And the best response you could come up with was "he agreed". You're a fucking dipshit.

  • jokers?

    ea looks like a cartoon!

  • seriousaln667

    UFC hits look alot more smash mouth were in EA there hits look less than a strong wind of impact.EA has better graphics but i like the look of UFC better its more bright and it looks like UFC. EA looks like they fight in a dark basement.I was gonna get both but now im getting UFC and wait and see what ea have

  • fuckamacake

    EA mma is a bit of a running joke with the mma/game fans now it just looks like such a flop they have some time but what have they been doing the last few years to make anyone think they can fix this in 4-5 month?

    • Mayhem

      People that see the game close to release will be eating their words. This is just pre-Alpha footage that EA scrapped together for King MO's small documentery thing. What EA has been doing for 2 years probably learning the sport, watching footage, signing fighters, creating fighters & coming up with the ideas for gameplay. All EA has to do is tweak a few things & it should be fine by realease, even E3 it will look better

      • ****amacake

        no its not any more i have been following both game and EA mma was not when this vid came out or is it now pre-Alpha i think you have no clue on what pre-Alpha is