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Apple iPhone 4G: World’s First Review

We’re not sure how, but Gizmodo has obtained the iPhone 4G device and have posted up what has to be described as the ‘world’s first review’ for the phone. You will not want to miss this.

It turns out that the rumored pictures which surfaced this weekend are indeed real and Gizmodo has obtained the ‘missing device’, which Apple are reported to be looking for.

Here are the confirmed specs which we also told you about recently. The 4G features a front facing video camera and a ‘bigger’ camera on the back of the device. The camera will feature flash as previously rumored, while there are now split volume controls on the side of the device.

As for design changes, you’ll notice that the back is now entirely flat, while the casing around the phone is now metallic, as apposed to plastic on the iPhone 3GS. The device itself is 3 grams heavier than the 3GS, but possesses a 16% larger battery.

For the full review, disassembley pictures, videos of the device in action and much more, head over to Gizmodo for the exclusive. We wonder how Apple are feeling right now?

Let us know your thoughts on the iPhone 4G. Will you be getting it this Summer?


  • andyvcoolio

    are you serious stop with the 2012 crap if it end its ur time dont thunk about it cuz then ull be worried

  • Nonoyounoreply

    Sarah (I think) is saying that there will never be a verizon iPhone because 2012 is when the world is supposed to end.

  • Izzy

    how do you know its until 2012 please i would like to know. I've heard Verizon is already has its hands on a CDMA version and is testing it.

  • sarah

    at&t until 2012

  • dwil

    is it CDMA for Verizon or still an ATT&T model??????????


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