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Apple iPad: Network problems continue at colleges

It has been reported that some colleges in the US are having problems with the Apple iPad in relation to network stability, connectivity issues and concerns over bandwidth usage.

As reported from the WSJ, George Washington University and Princeton University are yet to accept the Apple iPad because of these issues, but confirmed that they are working with Apple at the moment to fix up the problems.

The biggest problem at George Washington University is that their wireless network’s security features don’t support the iPad or iPhone, while Princeton University report that the iPad is causing malfunctions, which could effect the entire school’s computer system.

What are your thoughts on this? Apple has proudly boasted their iPad as an ideal device for Universities and Colleges, but it seems like a few problems keep getting in the way, much like the WiFi signal problems we told you about a few weeks ago.

More over at the WSJ.


  • I agreed, I have the same issue not stay on network whenever I tried to open youtube, I have to log out and log in again after each and every time I want to watch on something. Plus, now I can't surf anything from school library wi-fi. Nothing required internet works. Although it 's showing connected, safari doesnt open anymore to accept the terms& condition like in first time. Now I feel like having an Ipad is nothing more than a trand :(. it was much better with Iphone/Itouch

  • jim kennelly

    having same problem, IPAD will not stay on a network. I have many other devices including 2 iphones that stay on these various networks (netgear, dlink, sprint overdrive) but networking sucks on IPAD. Tried various network settings and security to no avail – have reset * "forget this network" to no avail. IPAD is worthless without wireless networking

  • Sameold

    This is the same tempest in a teapot/anti-Apple fud that the rags hysterically shrieked when the iPhone came out. Turns out it was network "issues" at the universities and flakey routers:
    Deja view all over again.

  • Greg

    I work in IT at a University in Oregon. We have had no issues with iPads whatsoever. In fact the iPad works better on a remote campus we have than the Macbooks or iPod Touches do.


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