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Apple iPad 3D Game: Glasses Required

The world is beginning to go 3D made, and we have Avatar to thank for that. The latest device to jump on this bandwagon is the iPad, as we have just learned that there is an Apple iPad 3D game called Flight Control HD, but you will need a pair of 3-D glasses to play.

TechRadar explains that Firemint CEO understands how popular 3D technology is at the moment, which is why they now offer an update to the already popular game, but this time taking the advantage of the superb graphics of the iPad tablet device – well kind of. Those who are new to the game will know that it is set in the golden era of flight, so do not expect anything to fancy.

The game developer is not worried to admit that the 3D map in Flight Control HD is just a gimmick, but is something that fans of the game will still love. If you thought that you stand out in the crowd already with a huge tablet device in your hand, imagine what you will look like while wearing a pair of 3D glasses as well?

If you have played the new 3D version of the game, then please offer us your thoughts.

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