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Splinter Cell Conviction (PS3): Possible Release Dates

We have yet more details on the expected PS3 release of Splinter Cell: Conviction now, as one website has given us solid proof that the game is definitely coming, as well as some potential release dates too!

Over at GamesRadar, they make a very interesting point that every Splinter Cell game to date has always landed on a Playstation console.

They have listed previous games and their release dates for both Xbox and Playstation, leading to a conclusion on when Conviction on the PS3 will land.

Using previous formulas by Ubisoft, they predict that the game could land on July 6th at the earliest, and September 12th at the latest.

For those of you still unsure if the game will land on the PS3, just check out this article. Great stuff GamesRadar.

Let us know your thoughts on their predictions.


  • The Voice of Reason

    i have xbox 360 and ps3… i use my xbox 360 to collect dust mites. Somtimes I use it to brown my toast for breakfast. That is about all it's good for… overheating. All game makers need to recognize that ps3 is top of the food chain. Between games, blu-ray, and streaming netflix it is THE best piece of hardware I've ever owned, slamming even my mighty iphone which is right there at the top. Ubisoft needs to get this going quickly.


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