Splinter Cell Conviction (PS3): Possible Release Dates

By Alan Ng - Apr 18, 2010

We have yet more details on the expected PS3 release of Splinter Cell: Conviction now, as one website has given us solid proof that the game is definitely coming, as well as some potential release dates too!

Over at GamesRadar, they make a very interesting point that every Splinter Cell game to date has always landed on a Playstation console.

They have listed previous games and their release dates for both Xbox and Playstation, leading to a conclusion on when Conviction on the PS3 will land.

Using previous formulas by Ubisoft, they predict that the game could land on July 6th at the earliest, and September 12th at the latest.

For those of you still unsure if the game will land on the PS3, just check out this article. Great stuff GamesRadar.

Let us know your thoughts on their predictions.

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  • sunny

    please ubisoft release it on ps3 as soon as possible please please please please please

  • I hope it is true,
    because my mum bought me
    a ps3 and then an xbox, if the game does
    not come on ps3 I don't want to have to sell my
    xbox for an xbox 360!

    • Deal Or No Deal

      I don't think anyone who owns a PS3 such as myself, wants to go and spend $260(XBOX360+Game) for this one game when it's more reasonable to spend $60 for the game.

  • Barry Goodwin

    you have been very wonderful in the way you have added Splinter Cell to Playstation lineup. you must know that the playstation 3 is the best hardware for any game format. Please release this one also . Love anything of Tom Clancy. Please release this one.

  • Killersense

    I would watch for an announcement next week prolly since it has been exactly six months since the release on x360 and they would say it would release next year with the hd versions of the original splinter cell games.

  • asdfghjk

    It's already past the 12th, and it's not out yet! >:O

  • aaaaaaaaaa

    It's no good . Becuse the 360 is no good.

    • The game is good. The platform it's currently on is not.

  • Bill

    Yeah uh it's september where the ef is conviction?

  • random

    it seems that now a days, game companies are doing exclusives just so people can that one system for that one game. far as i can remember, 360 always had exclusives games……hmm….maybe the 360 is trying to tell us something, maybe not doing well in sales???

  • andrew

    Considering from what I have heard from my friends and coworkers. And this discussion also. It would be a big mistake. So many people who own ps3s want this game including myself. Ubisoft should think of the added revenue they would receive. It would be significant. And wtf is this crap about a exclusive timed release? Was this a ploy by ubisoft to get people to buy more xboxes. Possibly. Because I was quite tempted to grab one myself. Just for that game. Just like I got a PS3 for GOW3

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Look you guys it can't be on ps3 I know it was good on ps3 and I was happy about it but it is just in 360 . Look in the gamplay. go on youtube now.

    • Wow

      You said ps3 twice dude

  • ?????????

    YES YES YES PLEASE AWSOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • moe

    why is splintercell conviction not comeing to ps3 they pist me off because all the others have been on playstations why not this one it stinks


    It would be greatly appriciated if they would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ……. RELEASE Conviction on PS3!!!! i love this game this need to release to ps3

  • J_man

    Ubi soft has made a splintercell game for the ps2 back n the day im sure this one will come 2 just a matter of time

    • D3AD

      Hope so man..Hope so..

  • you have it wrong there ps3 is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind and if you dont think that way than fuck whoever does not like the ps3 peace out sucker..

  • Peace out

    Come on guys! It's a matter of preference. xbox sucks blah blah blah, ps3's bullshit blah blah, this is the most childish conversation ever…Play what you enjoy and enjoy what you play…life's too short

  • Moondrako5

    PS3 fanboys have to hate everything on the xbox right they hate Ubisoft for giving the xbox 1 exclusive and they hate halo, gears, fable and everything else for the exclusives. Until that game comes on the PS3 they say the game is overrated and sucks.

    • PS3fanlovesx360nPC

      i hav a ps3 i dont hate ubisoft coz we hav assains creed brotherhood on ps3….
      I dont hate PC coz i can play fcking FPS games on PC…
      I fcking love halo, gears of fcking war and even the last one fable….
      and if uncharted is out on x360 it'll be good it'll increase the reputation of X360…
      i AM a fcking fanboy of ps3 yes… pc, x360, psp2/NRG… so sht the fack up if you dont know us okay? Plus halo isnt from Ubisoft…

  • zziRiickzz

    lol, nice to see all the, why do failbox get it, its only gonna crash 35 mins later, well wrong with the new model of 360 its very rare now! and with the xbox slim its even rare-er!!!!
    so get your facts right fanboys!

  • Logic

    Profit Motive will always win unless Bill Gates is willing to keep it exclusive I highly doubt it will stay exclusive. Especially since the series has been on both systems since the beginning, even if there was a gap in release dates as there have been in the past. And anybody saying its because the ps3 can not handle the technical physics crap is full of it, the engine in use is just a modified upgraded version from past games that have been on both systems. Anyway I've been saying this from the beginning that ps3 will have a release, otherwise that's a lot of money Ubisoft is willing to blow and all to get labeled as a Microsoft lap dog which won't help their reputation. In short, it will be highly irrational to not make a ps3 version. Profit Motive and Reputation are two big reasons. And enough of the fan boy chatter, which would you settle for? Emotional Appeals or Rational Deductive Reasoning?

  • voice of reason

    it should gome out on ps3, they'll get more money

  • José Eduardo

    so… every PS3 Fanboy is going crazy just because this great game won't come to the ps3…
    Now imagine PC gamers! PC is the best platform cause it's flexible, always receiving new hardware…
    But nooo… game makers always forgot PC Gaming.
    You ps3 fanboys imagine ME not having dead space 2 on PC! Or having lost planet 2 a lot later in the pc. or just NOT HAVING one of the greatest games of all time: MGS4.
    Game producters only think about consoles and shit and forget about us!
    And when there's something that's not for the ps3 all fans go like: fuck the shitbox that's why i hate microsoft.
    Well, now I hate sony cause they're games never come to the PC.
    Also, I don't give a fuck about Xbox.

  • El Greco

    i m not buying it. screw ubi

  • Sid

    It's not coming to the PS3 as they have said many times "It will not run smoothly on the PS3", (PS3 fanboys make it worse by constantly trying to find pathetic comments on anything that is exclusive to 360, that just makes devs even less likely to release on other formats at later dates)
    Red Dead Redemption is another example of where certain types of game just cannot match the 360 counterpart, this is why they have taken out scenery etc on the PS3 version to try and get it to run like the 360 version but even that has failed..

    • Ex-Ninja

      ooh really??? i'd love to see if Uncharted 2 will run on xbox shitsixty

    • Jason

      it will not run smoothly on ps3? if it runs on 360 it runs on ps3
      theres not a single game on the 360 that can beat a ps3 exclusive in terms on graphics, technically and gameplaywise, god of war3,mgs4,killzone2, lbp, uncharted 1 and 2,heavy rain, modnation racers, gt5, shall i continue? if ubisoft can harness the true power of the ps3 thats their fault not sonys

    • PS3fanlovesx360nPC

      well at least ps3 can withstand being turned on for 15 hours and free fcking wi-fi…

  • Nelson de Matos

    PLEASE…..!!!! Would be awesome if it does come home to Sony PlayStation 3…. :))))))))

  • Nelson de Matos

    It would be greatly appriciated if they would PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE……. RELEASE Conviction on PS3!!!! It's a MUST play game on PS3…. All we can do is hold thumbs…. !!!!

  • Coss

    so there is hope for Conviction to be released on PS3..omg that's awesome news 😀 can't wait to play it 😀

  • The Voice of Reason

    i have xbox 360 and ps3… i use my xbox 360 to collect dust mites. Somtimes I use it to brown my toast for breakfast. That is about all it's good for… overheating. All game makers need to recognize that ps3 is top of the food chain. Between games, blu-ray, and streaming netflix it is THE best piece of hardware I've ever owned, slamming even my mighty iphone which is right there at the top. Ubisoft needs to get this going quickly.

    • The Mighty One

      lol at the using it to brown toast for breakfast 🙂

  • Mup

    This has to be released for PS3 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • BoBZ

    Ubisoft is making a big mistake if they don’t ever release it for the PS3

  • J.E

    I will believe it when I see it, until then everything else is just speculation…

  • JBDragon

    This game has always been a 360 exclusive. Until it's released on the PS3 nothing has changed.

    • Tesseract

      So was the GTA IV DLC until recently.

    • Tesseract

      So was the GTA IV DLC until recently.

      • lenny

        ur rite i hope dat this game comes out sooner than espected cuz this is the best game ever there no game like this one……when you play this game you feel like in it haha

    • paul cutine

      why should splinter cell conviction com out on x box 30 first? It is a ps game and t always will be a ps game. how would want a game lik that with a consel that crashes every 35 minutes and breaks down every month? I rest my case.

      • Sean

        I know for real, the first SC had all the exclusive levels on PS2 never on Xbox

    • matias

      this game has always been a TIMED exclusive for the xbox ………….TIMED!!

  • Ivan

    that would be very great. I cant wait !

    • harry

      umm its 9/12/10 and the game hasnt been released

  • Ivan

    If this is true, than il be very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very absolutely happy. This game is pure awesome and I cant wait for it to release !!!!!!!
    Yeah Chuck Norris !