Nokia N900 in India: Price and short supply

By Gary Johnson - Apr 18, 2010

Nokia are continuing the roll out of their N900 around the world, and India looks like the next country to receive the handset. Fone Arena has been sent details of an upcoming launch as Nokia try and convert everyone into Maemo 5 OS fans.

It looks like the handset will be in short supply at launch, so to be one of the first people to get a N900 it is suggested you reserve one soon. It is claimed the price to the dealer will be around Rs.25,000, but the price for the actual consumer could be as much as Rs.28,000.

The N900 comes with 32GB of memory and ARM cortex-A8 processor. It has a new 3.5-inch touch screen, and a lovely QWERTY keyboard. Future devices might be using the MeeGo OS, so the N900 could be the only one with the Maemo 5 OS. For a full review of the Nokia N900 click here.

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  • Frainy

    Can you reply to my messages and reply……….k I agree I went really rude that is all due to previous online fake experiences……!

  • atul fadte

    what is a exact price of n900 in india ruppees

    • vikas

      26,000.00 at nokia priority shops and 25,000 with dealers as on july 11, 2010…..

  • Hi Gary,

    You have mentioned about the device being short on supply. How do reserve or pre-order in India..?? Details Please. I have been waiting long enough and cant take it anymore. I dont want to buy from international vendors because then there's problem with warranty claims, etc… Please mention some details about pre-ordering in India

    – Anurag.

    • Pebam modhuchandra singh

      Anurag no need to worry about it.We have some stock of it and the actual price is Rs.35,500.
      But and offer is going on till 3rd may 2010, at just Rs.31,000

      for details kindly contact the sales executive at +919862839061(24hrs) and book your branded mobile handset

      • faddy

        ur cell is not reachable

  • I hope they launch it with a bang over here .. 😀