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Modern Warfare 2: Heading to Nintendo Wii soon?

While you may want to take this with a pinch of salt, we have some very exciting news for Nintendo Wii owners. A recent email scan sent by retailers GameStop has revealed that Modern Warfare 2 could be landing this year.

As reported from SystemLink, an image of the supposed Modern Warfare 2 box art for Wii can be seen just above the box for The Beatles: Rock Band.

While this could just be the work of a very talented photoshopper, it could also be a terrible slip by GameStop. As most of you will be aware, Infinity Ward didn’t handle Modern Warfare on the Wii, that was developed by Treyarch instead, under the name Reflex.

Could Modern Warfare 2 be getting the same treatment on the Wii this year? Lets hope so. If there is any truth to this, we’ll surely hear details on it at E3.

Do you think the image is real or not?



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