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iPhone 4G / HD Hands-on: New Photos and Specs

Over the past few weeks we have seen a number of concept phones of what people assume the new iPhone 4G / HD will look like. Just recently we reported what could be the new smartphone from Apple, but these new hands-on photos and specs that we have look to be the most plausible yet.

Joshua Topolsky from Engadget explains that these latest photos of what could be the new iPhone for 2010 are certainly convincing given the fact that it was found inside an iPhone 3G box at a San Jose bar. These photos look a lot like the ones seen on Twitpic back in February.

Topolsky tells us that it looks as though the new Apple iPhone / HD has a 80GB storage, very new OS, larger mic and a new position for the SIM. Looking at the new images there seems to be a front-facing camera and a plastic back instead of aluminum that was seen on some of the other rumored images of the iPhone reported a few days back.

Do you think this could be the new iPhone 4G / HD? Do you prefer a plastic of aluminum back cover?

Fore more photos visit Engadget



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