Infinity Ward Virtually Dead: Meeting a Ray of Hope

Early in the week we discussed the dire situation concerning Infinity Ward and asked if it was all over for the Call of Duty developer? We have since learned from an insider that the studio is virtually dead, and it seems that those left at the studio have known it for some time now.

According to TopNews New Zealand, someone close to the situation told Kotaku that Activision is aware of the problems and hopes to improve the scale of pay to keep what workers the studio has left – but firing the two leaders is not a good message for those left, as they will feel as if they will not be respected by the studio.

However, a meeting scheduled for Monday is seen as a ray of hope. They know that losing some of the team is a huge blow, but there is still some talent left. Only time will tell if Infinity Ward will ever be able to come back from this. We will update you on this ongoing news once we know more.



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