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HTC Droid Incredible: Pre-ordered with Best Buy or wait for Verizon?

Considering the fact that the HTC Droid Incredible handset was available to pre-order a day early than Verizon, we want to know just how many of you decided to get it at the earliest date possible.

Official pre-orders for the device at Verizon will start tomorrow, but customers who just couldnt wait were able to head down to their Best Buy store and pre-order today – were you one of them?

The $199 price and 2-year contract deal still applies at Best Buy, but the retailer were also offering no rebates for the device, which is obviously very hassle free.

Instead, they required customers to pay $50 to reserve their device, to which they’ll receive a $50 voucher back when they pick up their handset on the April 29th release date.

Question is though: Did you pre-order your device today, or are you going to pre-order it tomorrow direct from Verizon?



  • DWJ

    I ordered on Verizon site last night and got instant rebate. I paid $199 on their site.

  • No-Way

    Hey, I Pre-ordered mine from Best Buy on the 18th, but I was looking at my paper work and the lady wrote on their that I will receive it on May 23rd…I hope she just wrote that wrong and meant April 23rd. Anybody can confirm the date? I'm going to call tomorrow to make sure. I did buy the $50 gift card as well.

  • Jake S

    wait, so how much would it be if you pre-order the phone on best buy? 199.99 or 149.99? im confused

  • jim

    best buy. switching from iphone. att is terrible in dc, thank god this phone is coming out

  • Scotty G

    Got to Best Buy so early they didn't even have their sophisticated pre-order pages printed out and photocopied. Pre-orderer #1 at Best Buy Seattle!

  • Bobby


    As a Best Buy Representative, no, the $50 deposit that you gave today is equivalent to the $50 gift card that you received. It is used in order to pre-order the phone SPECIFICALLY FOR you. That gift card has to be showed, along with the receipt etc., in order for you to acquire it. Since due to the high demand of the HTC Incredible, Best Buy stores nationwide will only carry a small margin of them. You can think of it as a first come, first serve basis. So in essence, the $50 gift card and receipt that you received has to be SHOWN when you get your phone. From $199.99 to $149.99.

    Voila, the new generation of an HTC Android Smartphone is in the palm of your hands. So enjoy it!

  • Kyle

    Ordered it the second best buy opened there door. As a matter of a fact I was there a hour early lol. Knoxville,tn. Can't wait to get this I converted from a iPhone to a moto droid. The droid blew my iPhone away. This will blow my droid away. CANT FREAKIN WAIT!!! Go big red!! Way to finally get on the ball..

  • tigrou

    I pre-ordered today at bestbuy. Basically consisted in filling out a form with your name, address and phone number. They gave me a $50 voucher and gave me a temporary phone that I would have to give back on April 29. I didn't get any receipt saying that I have pre-ordered the HTC incredible, though. How was your experience pre-ordering the incredible?

  • lenepeace

    I pre-ordered today at Best Buy. Ya, it's still $199, but if you pre-order/buy directly from Verizon, the $199 price there is only after you send in the mail-in rebate. So, you would be paying $299 upfront and then have to wait to get back $100 as a debit American Express gift card. Best Buy gives it to you at the $199 price outright.

    • DeVon

      Actually the price online at verizon is $199.99 without dealing with the rebate.

  • rterytu

    from vzw

  • jerry

    Ordered mine at 11:02 this morning. Can't wait for it.

  • Ryan

    um, but you had to give them $50 today so it's really still $199.99. Why are you even throwing $149.99 out there? Did they fool you into thinking this? Those Best Buy salesmen are pretty slick. Always looking out for a good commission… O_o ?

  • don

    best buy dood

  • Melanie

    I pre-order today, at Best Buy. They gave me my $50 gift card today. : )


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