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First Sony PS3 3D Update: Games not Blu-ray

We have just learned that Sony confirmed that the PS3 3D firmware update promised for the summer would only be available for games and not Blu-ray movies. This is a huge shock for PlayStation 3 owners as they were hoping to get the full benefit from the Sony 3D TVS that will be coming to the market at the same time as the update.

Engadget has learned from TechRadar that Sony said that 3D support from Blu-ray movies will come in a later firmware update in 2010, but have given no timescale. Sony is to also introduce a new range of Active Shutter glasses, these pink and blue glasses will come in a range of colors.

According to Steve May from TechRadar, Sony is to launch four 3D games for the PlayStation 3 – these include: Motorstorm Pacific Rift, PAIN, Super Stardust H and Wipeout HD. All will coincide with the launch of the summer PS3 3D firmware update.

The first Sony 3D TV is the HX803 range; these LED LCD TVs will have a screen size of 40-inch and 46-inch, which we explained in a recent post.



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