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Apple iPad Bans: Could this affect the iPhone 4G too?

The Apple iPad has caused a stir for many reasons this week. While consumers in the U.S are enjoying the tablet device in their homes, customers in Europe were informed this week that Apple has again delayed the launch by another month.

However, spare a moment for eager consumers over in Israel. It has been confirmed that imports of the device have been banned in the country, with the device no longer being allowed into the country until further notice.

According to customs officials in Israel, this is all due to an issue relating to wireless signals, over fears that the iPad could disrupt other devices.

Until the iPad complies with transmitter standards, consumers will not be able to get their hands on the new iPad – which must be very frustrating.

While the signals are thought to be the same seen around Europe, Israel is the first country to take firm action on this. What potential effect could this have on the new iPhone 4G which is expected to be released this Summer?

Let us know your thoughts on this.



  • the ipad ban in Israel is no more. You guys should have updated this.

  • William

    good thing i don't live in israel.


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