Whopper Spit Suit For $75,000: Burger King and negligent claims

Have you ever ordered a nice burger and looked inside to see if anything is not right? Do you ever worry how the burger was cooked? There is nothing like cooking at home and knowing how your food was made, but then a tasty Burger King or McDonald’s is hard to beat.

These concerns became reality for one customer at Burger King, a Washington state police officer is claiming that a Burger King employee spat on his burger, and is even taking legal action to the sum of $75,000.

You can read the full story on Digital Journal, which states that the Sheriff’s Deputy was suspicious after ordering at 2am in a marked sheriff’s car. After pulling over he said he found a “big gob of spit” in the burger.

After DNA samples were taken they showed a match to one of the workers, read more about the sentencing in the above link and how Deputy Bylsma feels Burger King is “negligent” for the supervision, training, and selection of employees.

After reading the article on Digital Journal, let us know if you feel Burger King is responsible? Also, Burger King or McDonald’s, what’s your favorite?



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