Store Pulls Padded Bikini For Kids: Should Age Matter?

By Alan Ng - Apr 17, 2010

We have an interesting article for you to read now, which continues the big debate on whether high street chain Primark was right to sell padded bikinis for young girls throughout their stores in the UK.

As reported from the Telegraph, the products have now been given the nickname ‘paedo bikinis’, over fears that the swimwear could attract such people, while Primark has made a very bold statement in saying that ”all girls want to look their best, no matter what age you are.”

The general majority of the public believe that it was the correct decision to remove the bikinis from future sale, while David Cameron has also entered the debate, describing the whole affair as “completely disgraceful”.

What are your thoughts on this? Full article through the link. Are we being too paranoid?

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