Samsung 3-D TV Warning: Are you concerned?

Following on from our previous article, which informed you about the potential dangers of using Samsung’s latest 3D television sets, we want to know your thoughts on this – are any of you planning to buy one soon?

Samsung has written a detailed list of the health risks that can occur while watching TV using a pair of their 3D active glasses.

Samsung warn against using the 3D functions on their sets, for those who suffer from seizures or epilepsy, while they have also warned consumers to stop watching if they suffer any of the symptoms listed on their site during viewing.

3D TV viewing also has the potential to induce motion sickness, disorientation, eye strain or even lasting effects on your posture.

Head to Samsung’s website here for the full list. Do you think this is worrying that potential 3D consumers are unaware of the dangers that could happen in the future?

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