McDonald’s Makeover: Free Wi-Fi and $5 billion cost

Good news for fans of Mcdonald’s now, as it has been reported that the fast food chain is undergoing a $5 billion makeover, in which they’ll add free WiFi across all stores as well as offer plasma TVs and lounge chairs.

As reported from NewSoxy, the move is all down to Mcdonald’s new rebranding strategy, in which they hope to attract new customers with a change of theme and also boost their annual sales.

Apart from the addition of free WiFi, lounge chairs and plasma TVs, the company are also adding a second drive-thru lane and will change the name of several menu items.

During the cold periods of the year, Mcdonald’s will make use of electric fireplaces to make customers feel more comfortable in the restaurant.

It is estimated that the rebranding process will take four to five years to complete. Let us know your thoughts on the changes.

Are you impressed?


  • CFnHappy

    Great. Now we get to dodge other people's screaming children as they run, shoeless, from the Playplace to the TV and back again, all the while keeping an eye on them so they don't fall into the fireplace and crack open their stupid little heads. Or trip us and make us fall into the fireplace and crack open our heads. Now I know why the drive-through lanes are always backed up.

  • donna

    if you avoid Mc donalds 100% why did you read the story. Maybe your not happy unless your complaining.

  • ForCryingOutLoud

    We're becoming more like the movie Wall-E every day. This is sad. Really.

  • TODO

    Great! I avoid McDonalds various tasty Artery Hardeners 100% of the time already. But you folks who delight in them can now eagerly anticipate watching and listening to shrieking,
    grinning, giant bobbleheads yammering at you to BUY MORE OF OUR CRAP, even while you eat. All the comforts of home! A brief escape from the mental ravages of TV? No Way! You wanna dine at McD's you must wallow in Brain Pollution along with your Gut-Bustin' Calorie Conconctions. After all, this is what OUR McD crack team of marketing experts has decided YOU "just gotta have" to maximize your Big Mac Experience…. And their profits. So who'll be the next copycat chain to inflict TV Drool as an ever-present side order of Schlock to go with your meal? Stand by for news. Don't touch that dial….We'll be right back after a word from our sponsors.

    • sparrow2671

      I agree with you! And here I thought (boy was I wrong!) They may actually care about the consumer and offer more health conscious food…nope they just want to change names..and make it easier for people to continue on the high rate of obesity in the world….Hope that they reinforce the lounge chairs for their GROWING clientele.
      This is just absurd!


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