McDonald’s Makeover: Free Wi-Fi and $5 billion cost

By Alan Ng - Apr 17, 2010

Good news for fans of Mcdonald’s now, as it has been reported that the fast food chain is undergoing a $5 billion makeover, in which they’ll add free WiFi across all stores as well as offer plasma TVs and lounge chairs.

As reported from NewSoxy, the move is all down to Mcdonald’s new rebranding strategy, in which they hope to attract new customers with a change of theme and also boost their annual sales.

Apart from the addition of free WiFi, lounge chairs and plasma TVs, the company are also adding a second drive-thru lane and will change the name of several menu items.

During the cold periods of the year, Mcdonald’s will make use of electric fireplaces to make customers feel more comfortable in the restaurant.

It is estimated that the rebranding process will take four to five years to complete. Let us know your thoughts on the changes.

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