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iPhone 4G Release Date and Photos: True or False?

We reported yesterday that AT&T have blocked all staff holidays in June, which many believe is a strong indication that the iPhone 4G will be released in that month. This news comes just days after we learned that the Yerba Buena Center has been booked.

This is the same hall that Apple booked earlier this year when they announced the launch of the iPad. Apple will not announce anything about the rumored event until a few days before – much like they did with the iPhone OS 4.0 preview event a little over a week ago.

The rumors of the iPhone 4G / HD / Pro, whatever we want to call it are becoming more frequent. There have been a number of leaked photos all over the Internet over the months – the latest just a couple of days ago. Looking at the image – I cannot help but think that it looks as though it will be a little heavy.

There are so many of these iPhone rumors coming out everyday now that it is often hard what the believe. Let us know what you think about both these latest rumors, are they true or false?


  • hola

    Honestly…it better be good…and come to ATT

  • Baka Chikusho

    Who cares? It's an iPhone. :S The current iPhone-rs will buy it and the rest of us will continue to be annoyed at their oogling.


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