Twitter: Library of Congress will archive tweets

For those of you who enjoy tweeting on Twitter, then you might want to know that the Library of Congress is to archive every tweet that has ever been made. Billions of tweets have been made since the start of Twitter in 2006; according to the BBC more than 55 million are sent every day.

No one is safe from keeping their previous tweets private, even those made my President Barack Obama will be archived. There are those who will complain that they do not like the idea of their Tweets being kept by the Library of Congress, but BBC News points out that it is a great way to store some of our history – even though they are 140 characters or less.

It certainly seems strange to have these short messages being stored next to great historical events, such as the Declaration of Independence. But tweets from the very first Black president of the United States are worth keeping.

Whenever an event takes place, those involved or witnessed it takes to Twitter to share what they know and their thoughts. This was seen first hand when the earthquake hit Haiti earlier this year – all those tweets will now be kept for future generations to read over.



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