Splinter Cell Conviction (PS3): More Hints of 360 Timed-Exclusive

By Alan Ng - Apr 16, 2010

Just in case you still thought Splinter Cell: Conviction won’t be making an appearance on the PS3 in the near future, Ubisoft has dropped even more hints, that Microsoft has the game as a timed-exclusive.

This timed-exclusive business – when will it stop we wonder? Anyway, the latest news is that Ubisoft’s Maxime Béland has given a direct response on whether or not Conviction would be coming to Sony’s console.

Her response was simply: ”We will have to wait and see.” She also had this to share with us: “The decision for Conviction was purely a business move. Microsoft have been wonderful in their support for Conviction.”

If this isnt the strongest hint of a PS3 release, I dont know what is. Don’t forget that not one, but two Ubisoft reps had the game listed as ‘in development for PS3’ on their CVs.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you bought the game already on Xbox 360?

More over at VG247.

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  • Kane

    Its Sept. 12th and no conviction. 🙁

  • Philleeeeep

    ok, i usually wouldnt get tied up in crap like this, but some joker said up here sc games have been 360 exclusive. . . erm, i have double agent for ps3. . . and having both consoles i must stress the ps3 is superior. . . sorry guys, i've been an avid microsoft fan since having my old crystal xbox playing ghost recon and ghost recon 2 online. . . but the ps3 is the shizz! its quieter, clearer and way more reliable. . . i can store movies and games and stream them to my psp. . . oh, and BLU-RAY! duh! . . . anyway more to the point. . . i have no doubt ps3 will get conviction, double agent came out in 2006 for 360, but ps3 owners had to wait until 2007. . . not sure of the months. . . we will get it, just be patient young padawans! . . .

    • Massey

      Did you really just compare the first XBOX to your PS3?
      Instant-fail right there, sir.
      Secondly, the PS3–in terms of gaming–isn't superior to the Xbox 360 at all. If you're gonna throw Blu-Ray in my face, I'm gonna straight up call you a fool for thinking Blu-Ray is so state-of-the-art nowadays. It's really not.
      And the only reason PS3's online gaming is free is because it's of shit quality. Nobody wants to pay for that. That's their way of competing with Microsoft's.
      "Well, so what, there service is better… but ours is free!"
      If you can't afford five bucks a month for superior online gaming, get off your ass, and get a job, and stop kissing the ass of your PS3.

      Enough said.

      • bump

        If you can’t afford five bucks a month for superior online gaming, get off your ass, and get a job, and stop kissing the ass of your PS3.

        >Implying that all PS3 owners are unemployed.

        You are obviously a dumb twat. Why would he compare the first xubuxu with PS3? You fail harder there, “sir”! What shit quality are you referring to? I’m happy with PSN the way it is. If you’re referring to the “missing chat features”, then well… It’s not worth five bucks a month. That doesn’t make it “superior online gaming”.

        I am probably feeding a troll… also blu-ray.

  • Pat McCrocth

    Every single other Splinter Cell game has been a timed exclusive so don't go crying to mommy xbots when it is released on PS3

  • Martian McFly

    Dude, You seriously want to say that? Splinter Cell Started with playstation, not to mention a lot of the other games out for 360 also. If it was meant for any console it would be PS3 because thats where it began. Besides that, I think I heard that the 360 version is having problems or something. Not sure if it's true or not but if it is, thats what you 360 guys get for being so arrogant. On PS3 it would never have that problem, theres way more power.


    Better on XBox anyways. Ports of games always lose something in translation. Like FF13 on PS3 vs xbox. If you want an inferior version of this game go with the PS3, by all means. As someone who owns both, the game plays like a much more violent and stealthy version of Drakes Uncharted, but with better graphics (believe it). If I had to choose, I always go with whatever system the game was crafted for. In this case, the xbox version. In FF13's case, the PS3, etc.

    • DArko

      wow You think this looks better than uncharted….. You need a new TV or glasses

    • Mr. Man

      are you retarded???? FF13 is better on the ps3 then the xbox! the whole reason for FF13 being delayed was that they were porting it to the 360. And I might note that Uncharted 2 has the best graphics this generation so I dont see how you think that Splinter cell looks better.

  • LUKE


  • ps3 !!!!!!!!!!

    nawwww ps3 is better so eat tht !!!!!!!! got blu-ray player,,,,,,online free,,,,,,,online better,,,,,,ps3 get better games….!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karan

    just because they got splinter cell they r thinking xbox 360 is the best console. grow up man. everyone knows the power of ps3 now. why do u people act so arrogant. its time to face the reality. these claims only make xbox 360 users a sore loser.

  • Karan

    just because they have got splinter cell on xbox360, they r claiming it to be the best console. grow up man. everyone knows the power of ps3 now. these claims only make all xbox 360 users a sore loser.

  • Darren

    “If this isnt the strongest hint of a PS3 release, I dont know what is.”By: Alan Ng.

    Then i guess u dont know what is. She said “We will have to wait and see.” Thats they dont know. And just because 2 people listed it for PS3 dont mean it’s going to happen. it’s just a possibilty. they could devolop it and all that decide not even to release. And bseides all that, what u posted aint even big hints. ive heard way bigger hints about conviction on PS3. still dont mean it’s going to happen. XBOX 360’s the best console EVER!

    • J.E

      Exactly, its like we hear a maybe and everyone thinks its going to happen, also if you read the whole interview, they actually ask her if ubisoft are going to continue making Sc games exclusively on xbox or if they are going multiplat. I dont think they were talking about conviction at all since they even say that conviction was exclusive for 360 and pc so….idk I could be wrong, but i guess time will tell

    • marts

      "We will have to wait and see" – Smells like a timed exclusive to me. Having a contract with Microsoft of course they won't say "Hey no worries its coming to PS3 soon too" Instead they drop little hints here and there.

      Splinter Cell Conviction almost convinced me to buy a 360 but considering the single player campaign length I don't think its worth it

      Besides GoW 3, Fable and Halo I believe everything else are timed exclusive.

    • Matthew

      strongest6 hint is that it doesnt say it's exclusive on the cover, taht and the fact that up until last september all websites had a ps3 version for pre order so M$ stepped in and said here's X ammount of dollars to give us the game first because the PS# is predicted to out sell us this year.

  • Sam Fisher.

    Good ps3 sucks 😛 Im happy for the 360.

    • dan

      And i'll be happy when your playing your 360 and you get Red Ring Of Death, and then i can laugh and carry on playing God Of War 3

      • Paqual

        You shouldn't really wish ill on others. PS3 has the yellow light of death, and though it is less frequent, you have to pay to have it repaired if not in warranty, and at the very least you'll have to deal with sony's awful customer service!